Up and … walking!

21 09 2007

People don’t get it … it meaning racewalking … aka “That funny duck-walk thing Lis does” … if I want to move faster, why not just lift up my reasonably long legs and run?  Well … every time I slam one foot into the Earth, I’m hitting her with 175×3 pounds of force … something like … oh where is that blasted calculator? … 525 pounds … then I lift up my other foot and do it again!  Personally, I think Mother Earth has more than enough to worry about at this juncture in time … so … I see myself as gliding across her surface! 

 What is this blog going to be about?

Well … Probably something to do with my training again for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program for the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Maybe a place to download my thoughts on my training … like questionning my sanity in public about going out in the cold of Denver wearing every article of clothing I own … I’m a cold wimp.  Maybe an inspiration to others to realize a ‘real person’ can do this.  Maybe something to do with fundraising … that special bit of hades that I’m not all that good at.

Aww heck, I donno. 

 All I do know is I’m up and walking again.  That’s a lot.  Gotta start someplace.




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