Sizing … a year later

23 09 2007

At the top of this year, 2007, I decided to take myself a little more seriously with respect to marathon racewalking.  This would mean actually …. training

Denver had a really nasty winter, but I had the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon to do with my best bud Heather and new pal Sheila … and I didn’t want those speedy sneaker runners waiting too long for me.

For Disney, I’d had a 2 bottle Nathan Water Belt which saved me when they ran out of water for several miles.  Saved me and others.  In May, I got myself another one – a 4 bottle version – for longer walks.  I’d ran out of water on a Mother’s Day long walk and realized how amazing Churches can be … they let the sweaty me (in a skirt, however) in to fill up my bottles.  There was only one water fountain and it was way back at my starting point.

So – I went in to Runner’s Roost on Colorado Boulevard and plunked down the cash for a 4 bottle Nathan.  I like the way the Nathan bottles fit on the back of my hips … and was rather dismayed that I was fitting snugly in a Large.  My 2 bottle was a Medium.  Oopse … too many bon-bons and not enough training.

I loaned my 4 bottle carrier to my friend Annamarie who was walking her first 5K.  It fit her perfectly.  I’d never used it for some reason until a 10 miler yesterday.

I filled up the bottles and took off after a particularly long Saturday.  It was warm, but I felt confident I could push through and do the distance.  I’d been doing most of my training on treadmills and chunking by mileage dictated by the amount of time I had to be in the Y.  Sometimes it would be 2x or something at treadmills in my apartment’s club house, the Y, University of Colorado Denver, and outside at the dog park. 

Imagine my surprise when I put on the belt and it was WAY too big.  The Velcro strap couldn’t go any tighter … and the front bottles, instead of resting on the front of my pelvis, were really in an awkward position.

When I got back I went into my front bathroom where a friend of mine said “Put up photos of your races Lizzy … time to be proud of yourself for finishing!”  I looked at the photos from Boulder Backroads and the Disney and realized that I might not be a Barbie Doll and when I stand on a scale the digital read out would make most people pass out, but I’m losing weight … and losing it the right way.

Now I’ve got to get a new belt!  A guy on the Marathon Walkers Yahoo Group made a suggestion and I might follow up on it … I’ve got to talk to Annamarie about my old belt … and probably some of the sweats and leggings I’ve bought that don’t fit any more …

I’ll never have tinsy thin thighs … but I never did in the first place.




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