Growl … Growl … spit, Spit, SPIT!

30 09 2007

I’m sore.  I’m stupidly sore!  I can do 10 miles without getting this sore, but dippy here is sore!  I knew I had 10 miles to do last night, but it just kept going toward the back burner.

I volunteer at the Science Museum here for special exhibits.  This go around I’m there on a more spotty schedule due to training in and out of the state.  So – I was supposed to work out with Team in Training and go to the breakfast for patient honorees.  It turned out, however, that they were going to be short at the musuem … and it was going to be a zoo due to Corporate folks getting ‘free’ tickets. 

Usually people are very nice and understanding about lines when there are popular exhibits.  Titanic is a popular exhibit.  We don’t shove people through on a guided tour … we let people dwell as long as they want … but that is also part of the problem.  People take a long time in the exhibit and that means we can’t put more in without there being a safety issue. 

Another thing I learned about Denver is that they’re not extremely hard core about entrance times for timed tickets.  If you’re early … we can take you if it’s not busy.  If you’re late … we just put you in the cue with everyone else.  For the most part it works.  We’re not IMAX or the Planetarium … we just have to make sure people know the contracted rules of the game and that’s about it.

Yesterday was probably the largest day of mis-cues I’ve had since I have been there.  I usually can get the groups of people where they’re supposed to be by giving the rules out reasonably fast.  I’ve been a little slow on this exhibit — but I’ve been away for a while.  Stuff happens … but it was irritating and I always feel bad when I feel like I’m letting down my team leaders – who are really close friends.

Maybe it was because my brain hasn’t all been in the right place.  For the last couple of months, my downstairs neighbors and I have been trying to deal with a garden level neighbor who seems to believe the world revolves around him.  We’ve all dealt with people like this, but in the three or four years my neighbors and I have lived one a-top the other, we’ve never had any problems.  Then … a day or two after the Garden Level Nightmare moves in … we’re getting complaints about my bird feeders, their walking on the floor and the fact we have dogs.  It really came to a head this week … again.  It’s one of those times I wished my three younger cousins lived near by since they’re all in excess of 6 feet and when they’re all together they make a rather imposing … wall.  They’re the biggest sweethearts you ever want to meet … but …

When I finally did get out for my 10 mile walk, it was late in the afternoon, I’d not eaten properly and I knew I wasn’t stretching right.  About a mile in, I started to get into a decent swing … but after that it was several miles of headwind.  Dee-light-ful!

I have to cross several streets and I used that time to try to stretch … but I knew I was going to wake up not exactly right.  Well … every walk I try to learn something!  About mile 7, I realized I would have to stop at the park — the last mile of the walk — for water.   I’ve not picked up the new 4 bottle carrier and that was irritating me also.

Focus on your feet, Lizzy!  Focus on the flowers along the way!

As it was getting darker and I was on the dirt path for the better part of the last mile I thought of how I was living in enough fear that I was wanting other people around to make sure I was safe.  Ironically, I was thinking this as it was getting dark and I was walking alone in a large park without a cell-phone.  I did, however, let my pal and neighbor know where I was … but she couldn’t drive in there to find me.

So – I ended up having a not very satisfying walk, but I still got the job done.  I walked back to the apartment, stretched and I ate a row and a half of Newman’s Own Organic Fig Newmans (yummmmm!!!!) before crawling into the bath.   

Woke up today … stupidly sore … ready for another day. 




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