Rainy Days …

8 10 2007

Sitting in Tiburon, trying to wade through things in a reasonably good mood, I find myself thinking about the passage of time and how limited it truly is.

I have spent two of the past three days on different tracks trying to just get the blasted work out going and saw the different attitudes around them.  At Tam High, the kids were all business practicing their football skills.  The few of us on the track were spaced out in different lanes and getting along with one another quite well.  It appeard at least 3 of us were doing interval training because the buzzers on our watches kept going off.  The folks who were out exercising were peaceful and the whole event was nice.  The following day up at College of Marin, it was a completely different story.  The track was a mess, people were sitting in the middle of it or crossing directly in front of a gentleman who was trying to get his daily work out in and myself.  I guess I found it rude when I was being stared at by a gal who had stopped in my lane and dug in her high heel to chat with another friend as I was coming around.

To each his own.

I guess I’m getting more into the mode of choosing battles.  My time is getting shorter as I’ve got things filling it up.  Since I never had a huge cheering squad, I’ve kind of become one for others.  Maybe if I didn’t expend so much energy sharing it with those around me I would be a whole lot faster.  I donno. 

I do know the flood of e-mail is starting to overtake me.  It’s that time to go back to reading things on-line and not be too concerned with ‘missing’ things.  It’s almost like when I was involved in music … I found putting things in digest was probably the most efficient way of keeping up without being taken over. 

I was thinking about this as I was on my 3 miler today.  It was pouring and I wasn’t exactly crazy about walking in a rain-coat.  My hat was dripping and I could hear my foot slapping slightly.  I was far more concerned about twisting and ankle or slipping down a hill than anything. 

After going up the course for the 4th of November, I know I’ve got hills for days to deal with and that’s not going to be easy.  I’ll be breaking racewalking form simply because I don’t think I can keep the knees straight.  I tried the course up through some neighboring hills and realized this fact.  It was a bit of a bitter pill because I’d really like to be able to do this well, but whatever.

Whatever is what I’m feeling.  I don’t really like ‘whatever’ because it’s akin to the hopelessness from my past.  I feel a lot better about 15 minutes into my walk … about the time my legs figure out what is going on.  Brain goes into it’s own space and problems kind of melt away.  When I’m done, my head is clear enough to deal with those problems.

The rainy walk today concerned itself with clutter and aimless energy.  I came back knowing what I needed to do: start channeling my energy, doing away with clutter and making my time my own.

Rainy days are wonderful.




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