Congrats to my New Virtual Pals

8 10 2007

I can’t remember if I’ve admitted this but although I’m hard to define, I do fall into the old school Deadhead, String Cheese Incident Pirate, and somewhat Phish-head category.  I believe in the ‘family’ feeling where new friends are made and actually CARE about one another long distance via tape trades, letters or e-mail lists.  One of my closest friends and I probably crossed paths during Dead or Phish shows in California, but became like brother/sister during Cheese.  The problem, for me, has been that I’ve also felt kind of on the outside of things because although I love the music, I wasn’t pre-occupied by ‘the best show ever’ or remembering every ounce of trivia.

A week ago now I felt kind of adopted by a really energetic SF based racewalker.  The energy from the newsgroup he invited me to join has been infectious.  I’m not saying that the other walking groups aren’t, because I think they are … but there’s something about Steve that puts a lot of things into perspective.  His Blog is on my blogroll.

ANYWAY – I was kind of feeling out of sorts from the Komen … then the posts came in from Portland.  One friend of mine’s oxygen tanks didn’t hold their air and he had to stop at the 1/2 marathon point.  Steve and Brandon kept pushing through and made it under the 8 hour time Steve had done it last year.  No feeling out of sorts when I read those. 

When I leave for San Francisco all I can think of is hopefully meeting some of the folks from this list.  You know the last time I felt this way?  When a bunch of us were trying to get together from the Original Incidentialist.  That was the day I got to meet the artist Michael Everett … hang out with some folks I knew from on line … and met my So Cal based best bud Eriq.  It’s nice to feel that way again!

Gotta walk!




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