Mischief at the Paws of Miss Bailey Boo!

8 10 2007

I meant to write a blog proclaiming TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY … SO HAPPY TO ME!  But that just didn’t happen … so here it is.

Friday I had a few things to do … opening cards from my dad with his rather goofy sense of humor, fielding a few e-mails and looking around at the changing colors on the trees here in Colorado. 

When I was growing up in California, my paternal grandmother said I was ‘deprived’ because I was growing up in ‘the land without seasons’.  Um … I was in NorthernCalifornia where there are seasons … punctuated with large splots of fog!  Anyway – she would send me leaves from New Hampshire wrapped in waxed paper.  I never forgot them … as I stared at the trees changing color on Mount Tam or marveled at how the redwood trees snatched the fog out of the sky at Muir Woods or on the back side of Tam … kind of like cotton candy … where was I going with this?

SO – I skinnied into my green walking skirt and white shirt from the Tiny Miracles Trot, popped my flippers into my Brooks, smashed a ball cap on (clipping the teather in place) … and told Miss Bailey Boop Doo-Wop, Princess of the Universe and Walking Coach with 4 Paws that I was off for a 3 miler. 

She was not amused.  Three milers usually mean a trip to the dog park, but today I kind of wanted to try a different route … to be perfectly honest, one way through Bible Park is on dirt for about 3/4 of a mile where the other is on asphalt.  I’m starting to think foul weather.  Bailey is my 10 year old cattle dog/corgi mix who adopted me when I was still in the beginning recovery stages from a rather nasty head injury (which didn’t knock a lick of sense into me, but did knock out a good chunk of depression since I had some memory issues!) five years ago.  She’s a lot more intelligent than I am and has been teaching me the ‘live for today’ thing.  She had, however, been beaten severely … so we’re a couple of slightly damaged gals … with usually great attitudes!

So – I’m off on my walk.  I’ve noticed that the first 3/4 mile has been the most awkward for some reason.  I guess it’s just getting things warmed up.  I walk down to the park and then stretch then bee-bop along on my trundle.

The ‘new’ path to me was amazing!  The streets that I had to cross weren’t extremely busy so I wasn’t camping out on the corner not sure if I could make it all the way across in one shot.  This new one really only has one nasty street and getting to it is … BEAUTIFUL!  Why coax my aging car up to the mountains to see the fall colors?  I hear there is a lot of distruction up there anyway due to the pine beetle.  Oranges, reds, greens … amazing. 

I really was relaxing and active at the same time.  I tried to catch my shadow as much as possible to see what my feet were doing (that’s one of those things you’ve got to do with racewalking) and kept trundling. 

I don’t bother with staring at Grethe the Garmin at this stage of the game.  She does a series of beeps when I’m dropping below a 14 minute mile or above an 11 minute one.  She beeps solo on the mile.  Other than that, I’m trying to get the feel down. 

So – dippy here didn’t really pay a whole fig of attention that Grethe had beeped the miles 3 times already!  I was marveling at the way that 1/2 a tree was green and the other 1/2 was ablaze of orange, red and yellow.  When I heard the beep again, I decided to look at Grethe … and I was at mile 4 … and … I had absolutely no clue as to where I was and was running out of water.

Today is your Birthday … So happy to you!

The problem with bike paths at least here is that there are no water fountains.  I learned on this trip that just because you find a baseball diamond, that doesn’t mean there’s water there either!  I do know there’s a fountain on my ‘old’ path through Bible Park just as I enter … but … um …

It was warm … which was a good thing since they did say something about Snow for the weekend … And there was a guy walking his dog “Excuse me, sir,” says the 5’9″ me in a bright green walking skirt. “I know this sounds odd … but where am I?”

There’s a reason my nickname from old String Cheese Incident days is Dizzy Miss Lizzy!

The man, however, was babbling on about “the southwest corner of …” “then turn north” … “however you’ll still keep going south…”  Do I LOOK like I was a Boy Scout?!  Now – my Garmin is a GPS unit, however it does not have detailed maps and I was going through a bunch of neighborhoods.

I ended up finding my way along some streets I recognized, but my 3 mile walk turned into just over a 6.  I was fairly tired as I walked home.  I didn’t pass the water fountain so all I knew was I wanted to get something in me relatively fast … and I could use the encouraging brown eyes of my Four Pawed Coach….

um ….

Ok – I live on the third floor of a three story building.  The maintenance guys here are really great and know that Miss Bailey is their realboss.  They’ve been known to come over and fix things – so I don’t worry too much.  My downstairs neighbor will also come up sometimes and invite her niece Bailey to come down to keep her company — so after the first time when I had a coronary not having the dog greet me at the door … I am not that concerned.

I walked in the front door and there was no Bae.  Ok.  No problem.  There was, however, this really loud scratching around the corner in my kitchen.  It sounded like someone was snaking my garbage disposal.  Ok – that’s a little strange.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the round fanny and snub tail of Miss Bailey “Oh – I’m just too old to jump up on the bed without having my tushie sliding off” Boo on the counter!  The rest of this goofball dog was stretching in a perfect Downward Facing Dog (yoga pose I love) with her right paw fishing around for prizes in the garbage disposal!  SERIOUSLY!  She was very intent on her work as she didn’t hear me come along side of her … her left paw had obviously done some digging as it was filthy.

It was like a comedy movie.  She slowly turned her head … big brown surprised eyes and tongue kind of poking out of the front of her lips … slowly extracting her paw from the disposal … half in the stainless steel sink … “Um … Hi Mom! Fancy seeing you here!”

She backed onto the small counter and looked at me as if to say “Um … could you please help me down off the counter?”  sorry Kid – you got yourself into this mess – you’re getting yourself out!  She knew she was in trouble … and after hopping off the counter she just cowered.  I expressed my displeasure and stated I was going to Curves so she could ‘think’ about what she’d done …. as I put the dreaded vacuum cleaner in front of the kitchen opening.

As my pal Kristin said “Well, Shep … she IS your kid!”




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