My best bud

19 10 2007

Anyone who knows me knows I started walking because of two people – my best bud Heather, who said she’d never sponsor me for anything I wasn’t physically ‘doing’, and my friend John, from the Rocky Mountain Road Runners, who stated I didn’t have to run but could walk.  This post is more about Heather.

Today, her beloved (for a very good reason) husband and father (also beloved for a very good reason) and a couple more friends took off for a sailing adventure down to Mexico.  I used to sail Lasers and Sunfishes in the Bay when I was a kid, but they’re more serious about the boat thing.

We met up at the San Rafael Yacht Club to see the motley crew off and it was really grand fun.  I, of course, made a couple of faux pax, but that’s to be expected … and off they went.  We watched the little sailboat shove it’s way down the San Rafael Canal.  Heather and I dealt with some car issues and drove in to SF to see them go under the Golden Gate Bridge then drive about trying to figure out if I was going to be killing myself on the SF-US 1/2 Marathon.

We drove in and I realized how much I miss my damp city.  There’s the perpetual confusion of what to wear.  The West is the edge of the universe and the East are the mountains – as it should be.  I stared at the sailboats, the surrounding fog covered green hills and realized it is stuff like this that I miss about Marin/SF over anything.

People are people just about anywhere.  I’ve been told how rude people are in NY, but they can be pretty rude in Boulder.  Then there’s the snobbishness associated with the old and new money here in Marin — but there’s that in Denver too.  Everyone has an agenda – mine is to stay as positive as possible and flow that everywhere it needs to go without being a Pollyanna. 

Heather’s the queen of the fan-club to get me to move back.  I miss my best bud and would love to spend more time because we’re not getting any younger and I’ve had enough medical scares to warrant my wanting to keep that positive outlook while also spending as much time with friends as possible. 

This was one day where I knew it was really important to her to get on that damn Bridge and see the guys go under it … and I was bound and determined to do whatever it takes to do that.  Of course, since she was driving … I had no control over that … but I could keep the coffee from spilling when she went running down the bridge chasing a boat we thought might be theirs.  It wasn’t.  But at least the coffee didn’t spill!

After a while – and after her putting up with my rapid fire blathering – their boat arrived.  We still weren’t in the right place for the photograph, however we were close.  The cool thing was that we could wave like crazy girls and the guys could wave back!

They looked so far away … almost like a Lego boat with little Lego men stuck in the right places … Or maybe those little cars with the peg people in the old Life game set … but there they were!  Heather had her point and shoot camera out and I just kept waving to the guys.  I’d gone under the bridge several times before — even once with Heather … but that’s a totally DIFFERENT trip … but this was really special.  People I knew were going off on something like a 2 week difficult sail down to Mexico.  Two people that mean more to my best friend than anything in the world were sailing right under us.  They’re pretty special to me – but I don’t admit that too often. 


Somehow those guys accept me for the nutcase that I am … and that’s just fine with them.  Not really used to that at all, but there it is.  I’m a good friend of Heathers’ so that’s good enough for them.  Wow – would be nice if the world could be that accepting!  There’s that little boat floating under us …


It was interesting because the weather had been so overcast, but it seemed like it was clearing just for them.  Maybe it was me thinking it was just for them.  When we were in the wrong place and running for the boat I remarked that they must be special … I don’t run for anyone anymore!  Heather laughed.  They went under the boat.  I hope she got the photo.  I couldn’t figure out her phone fast enough … and I was afraid I’d drop it.  I’m kind of clumbsy.  We turned to go … but kept looking off the far side of the bridge at the little boat …


We talked, laughed, almost got run over by the maintenance vehicles, cursed bikers and got back to the car — no ticket!  We drove the majority of the route I’d be taking … and I laughed that I’d finally gotten East and West correct from the Colorado perspective and I was messed up in SF.  Up one hill and then another.  Heather let me know about when she was training for the Nike last time she did it.  There are some hills that didn’t appear to want to end.  Ok – I signed up to do this for some reason … oh yeah … mainly because my best bud was so upset after the San Diego R&R Marathon that she didn’t get to see me come in, that I found the first event I could get in to so I’d be in the area … and, as usual, I didn’t tell her that that was the reason.  It would embarrass her … I’ve always been the emotional one of us two.

Bye little boat ….

As I type this, I’m missing my dog and the sane insanity of my house.  I don’t much like dealing with web-mail (which I’ve been having to deal with since the first of the month) and I’m not getting what I need to for me done.  I’ve spent the better part of the week with my folks and it’s been really nice – but it’s time to get back up to altitude so I can clean off the webmail and get my life back to some semblance of order.

Of course, when this happens, I’ll remember that I miss Heather, Marque, George and the assorted animals and would like to spend more time creating new memories with them.  They understand the competing thing with me, and that’s a nice change. 

The biggest difference between Heather and Me – coming from a somewhat outsider perspective – is that she’s always been a lot more comfortable with people than I have.  I might have more energy and bluster at odd times, but it’s more of a shell to protect myself from people.  Heather – she’s got groups of folks she knows and crews she’s spent time with.  Me … as I say … I’ve got friends and such, but I spend the vast majority of time by myself and when I do venture out into the land of real or virtual people, I tend to trip over my shoelaces.  I can’t remember who said it but told me it was a positive that I was an observer with my mouth open, making others’ feel good.  I donno.  I’ve been slammed most of my life fore exactly that …

But, you know, not by Heather.  She just laughs.  She laughed when I took off my high heels and replaced them with sheep slippers at her bridal shower … and keeps giggling at the slightly off art work I’ve given … I really appreciate that.  Means a lot to me and makes living in 2 places all the more strange.

It’s kind of like that moth in Dr. Doolittle.  When the Moth is on Earth, it’s attracted by the Moon and want’s to go play in the light.  When it’s on the Moon, the Moth sees the Big Blue Marble of the Earth and wants to be here.  It’s like me with SF and Colorado.  There are plusses and minus’ of each … I’ve got amazing friends on each side … but when you’ve had a good friend for 21 years or so … that’s some history … and it’s even more interesting when something new can happen almost every time you’re together … sure there’s re-hasing of past events and trying to update on newer ones … but there’s nothing like the memory created today … standing on the Golden Gate Bridge being blown about watching the little boat with Marque, George and Boys float under … smiles all around.

Bye Boys … please be careful.




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