Getting ready to waaalllkkkk!!!!

1 11 2007

It’s truly been one of those weeks.  Playing a lot of catch up and realizing that the house looks like a tornado went zipping through taking no prisoners. 

I’ve got a really nasty problem with my right shoulder.  It feels like an ice pick is being driven into it right by the base of my neck.  It could be that I’ve been back on the computer a lot and a smidge of stress and the fact that I took it ouot against a door jamb. 

I fly out from Denver to Oakland on Southwest in the morning.  My neighbor is going to keep an eye on The Kid and also be my chauffer service.  She’s been a really good friend.

I made myself laugh at around 9 p.m. as I realized that I’d been sleepwalking through most of the week and was perking up because I’m leaving for another event.  I’m seeing how my priorites work and it’s kind of scaring me! 

I’m about as ready for the San Francisco US Half Marathon as I’m going to be.  I’ve gotten a couple of trainings in since the San Jose 1/2 and my legs no longer feel like lead.  That’s a good thing! 

I’ll be staying first at Heather’s and then over in Tiburon and then not sure what I’m doing.  It’s all kind of up in the air right now.

I did leave a lot of stuff at Mom and Dad’s so that if my luggage was lost, I wasn’t sunk!  I’ve got to bring that stuff back and the things I left over there.  I can’t remember what it is, but that is the way things go sometimes.

I’m getting pretty psyched to do this.  Just about to toss the watch and the cell phone charger in the carry on and jam off to bed.  5a comes pretty fast.

Not much more to say really … I’ve got to find my hat … my Team in Training fundraising is almost there … still need donations … and I’m getting pretty psyched about doing a 1/2 which is going to be really challanging to me … a little hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, wind and just logistics.

and Awaaaayyyy we go!




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