A Cold and Fundraising and Dave’s blasted book!

17 11 2007

They say that Docs make the worst patient … well … since I’m the by-product of a Doc and a Nurse … there’s no hope here!  I’m a lousy patient … not one of those complainers or anything … I tend to downplay … but when I’ve got a cold, I just get irritated.  This go around, I’m doing my damndest not to let it drop into my lungs and take me out for more than absolutely necessary. 

 I got back from SF – after second 1/2 marathon in the Bay Area in 3 weeks (I think), and I wasn’t feeling terribly perfect.  Stress, Colds, Airplane … just add it up and it comes out to a potential cold.  I’ve kept it from going too far … but it’s not been fun.  Trying to shove American Pragmatism into one ear and describe films in the other has not been a really good mix. 

The worst part about me with a cold is that I forget to eat.  Nothing looks good and I think “um … I’ll have something later.”  Since Bailey’s cooking skills are non-existant … I won’t let her play with the stove and I’ve not found pots that will work in her paws … she doesn’t really help matters.  Last night … yeah 2 freaking weeks into this cold … I felt really run down and crabby.  I realized that the last real meal I’d had was a great deal of time ago … just put a fork in me sometimes!

Today was a fundraising day.  I have been told I’m kind of funny when it comes to things.  Anything I believe in, damn I can sell it … but I hate depending on the cash that way!  Janie Cao was with me for most of the time – she’s my Denver Patient Honoree – and that made things fun. 

 I had a table at the Denver Tech Center Curves where I had some little bracelets and key fobs with suggested donation ‘prices’.  People were pretty good about donating … Many didn’t need the little  ‘thank you’ gift, while others donated because of it.  Ok … no problem.  The interesting thing was since people remembered last year when it was “will she finish the marathon” … it was fun to show them the Disney medal and the photo.  “So you ran …” Immediately I fixed that illusion … “I don’t pick up my paws and run … I walk.”  I had a card with a photo from my San Jose finish on it (and website for TNT on the back of course). 

“How did you figure out how to do this … I’ve tried running but it’s hard on me … and … ” Firstly – I don’t run!!! Well, I’m honest … I said that TNT had something to do with it … then I said “I read this really fun and easy to approach book by Dave McGovern …” and on that same card I wrote Dave’s website.  “Gotta get the book from the author … more fun that way!”  “Is it hard??”  … aww Heck … If I can do it … Yeah – here I was trying to get donations for my gig and selling Dave’s book along the way!  No problem … I got a couple of dollars at the same time! 

My energy level was bopping and the music was loud … and it wiped me out by the time I got home!  They’re working on the apartment’s outside … and between two fundraisers, I’ll be sending in a $190 deposit in … met a really interesting power drink distributor that I want to investigate … might be able to help a beginning walker since we’re both in the full Disney marathon and maybe sold a couple of copies of my friend’s book … never know … might happen … would be nice …

Even better – I’m back in sneaker’s tomorrow … off to take a little rest … I think I’ll take my dog-eared copy of Marathon Walking with me. 




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