11 Daze to the Orlando Mouse

1 01 2008

Ok – so I cried while I typed and got all willowy, introspective, serious … bla bla!  Time to get the brain in the right space.

I’m back in my funky job on Wednesday followed by double track and 5 miles.  Yee-ha!  First time outside in a while for this cold wimpette! 

Knee and ankle are feeling pretty good but hip a little wonky.  I’m feeling healthy otherwise – no cobwebs in the brain.  I’ll be seeing the Chiropractor at least 5 times before I leave, however!

11 Days and I’m back on a marathon route.  I’m ready – or as ready as I’m going to be.  Now it’s maintaining, eating, getting my head spiked on right, and packing.  I’ve got to manage it properly, but I think that has a lot more to do with trusting myself … “Trust the Force, Lizzy …”  Walk my own race.

Things Right: Surrounded by good people, off loading massive baggage, a dog who loves me, treadmills (iewy), making the time for at least a few miles through long hours of audio, and pretty snow.

Things Icky: Getting sick, frustration, injury, lost focus, and baggage I’d not dealt with while others tried to pop theirs on me.

So – since I’ve spent entirely too many hours going through my mental house and finding all the various steamer trunks and matched sets of personal baggage.  Instead of spending time looking in each, I’m dragging them off to the curb for the free pick up … I feel a little tired, but a lot lighter.  I know I’ve got some mis-matched pieces of luggage hiding, but I think I can deal with it.  The nice thing is the open space for good things to grow … like my growing addiction to this walking thing!  🙂

Looking very forward to crunching snow tomorrow at the track.

Disney: Well – it’s an opening and a closing of its own.  The big changes for 2008 is that I’m leaving working with the 2 day Avon Walk and volunteering at the Natural History Museum … gets in the way of my training.  I might go back to the Natural History Museum, but I’ve got some really great friends who are there, and it might just be the graceful moment for me to shush my skirt out of there.  I’ve got a goal I want to meet for Disney – 6 hours or less, but I want to finish healthy.  That’s the best way to start a year … a healthy Merry-thon!




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