ONE WEEK TO GO … Getting in the GROOVE!

6 01 2008

I’ll not lie, I’ve been a bit concerned with what is going on with me.  I’ve been off-loading a lot of past baggage … actually, it’s been slipping off rather easily … and I was thinking that I’m just a smige too calm for Disney.  I thought – “Maybe it’s because I’ve got another 1/2 right after it.”  

A Phantom Toolbooth has this character who keeps running into the trees right in front of him because he looks far into the future.  “I’m Alec Bings; I see through things.  I can see whatever is inside, behind, around, covered by, or subsequent to anything else.  In fact, the only thing I can’t see is whatever happens to be right in front of my nose.” (pg 106).  Ah – I was being an Alex … and looking through the Disney and into the Surf City!

Forget THAT noise!  One thing at a time …

Today was supposed to be a 10K with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners to set my handicap.  It was my first race so although I get 60 points, the race itself doesn’t count.  The contingent of Racewalkers is relatively small, but it’s there and it’s going.  RMRR is how I heard about Racewalking and they’ve been pretty supportive of my antics.  I’ve just been ‘afraid’ of doing a race with them for a lot of reasons.  Kerry Kuck, a blind runner, asked if I would be his ‘guide dog’ for the race to start the season.  I don’t understand how handicapping works for the scoring, but it did get me into the race.

I was supposedto be keeping my 13:45 marathon pace, and walked in concerned that the running Kerry would get frustrated.  Um … well … if it wasn’t for Kerry, I probably would have just pushed on through the race and moved far faster than what I was supposed to.  When Janet sends me the photo, I’ll post what it was like being a guide dog for a blind man … but I gotta tell ya … it was fun and it really is a good thing for Racewalker/Runner relations!

Kevin Downing and Me - Rocky Mountain Road Runners 12/2007 This is how I feel about Disney World right now … I’m going to Mouse-Ka-Nail-It!  I want a bunch of 5’s … 5 in the hours … and at least one 5 each in the minutes and seconds.  There’s nothing else going but nailing that long walk to the wall!  Today – walking in front of Kerry – was the first time I’ve been outside in a VERY long time.  I feel FANTASTIC!

but I want to take a nap right now!





2 responses

7 01 2008

Hey Lizzy. Have a great time at the Disney marathon next week!

8 01 2008
Cuz Petey


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