Outta Here Tomorrow … What a difference a year makes!

9 01 2008

Here we go off to Trounce the Mouse, Trounce the Mouse, Trounce the Mouse!

Last year at almost exactly this time I was finding out that I’d been fired on baseless charges.  It’s not that I was working in any sort of a ‘Career’ position, but I was proving to myself that I don’t do stupid jobs very well.  I was packing and running across my copious notes of what was going on at that job that were in violation of their rules … and also probably legally … which I stacked neatly atop another stack of stuff.

I left Colorado in a snowstorm, slipped outside the airport and spent a lot of time just pacing the deserted boarding gates.  I’d let some of the TNT folks know earlier in the day that I might be a bit out of sorts because I had a feeling I was being fired on baseless charges and they were cool.  I didn’t know anyone who was on the ‘team’, and listening to all of their stories about training etc – I really felt like I was outclassed.

Up to the day I left I had been getting up between 1 and 2 a.m. to catch a train or drive downtown to open the store at 5:30 a.m.  I got off at 1 or 2 p.m. and would try to train or just plain die.  I got on the plane and was exhausted.  I kept myself hydrated and was reading parts of something I don’t remember right now thinking about finances and the fact that I was unemployed.  I’d preferred to have done it on my terms, but whatever.

For a person who is so full of energy, I like a lot of downtime or time to myself.  The Port Orleans Resort we were in was perfect.  It reminded me of New Orleans and I could walk between the resorts or take a boat and let my mind just drift — until it docked at Consumer Island.  That was a nice wander also, but it really did remind me of my financial situation.

This year, I’m packed and ready to go.  Gina is driving me to the airport again and I’ve packed a bit heavier since there is the potential for rain – all three pairs of shoes, etc.  I’ve also got an entire bag full of my own food.  I might have work etc this go around, however my ‘regular’ gig at the College won’t be processing Work Study checks again until the middle of the month and the money made doing some audio gigs mostly went to bills.  I’ll be travelling with $62 in cash.  I’m down with that.

It was really interesting, however, as I was working one of the New Year’s Eve gigs with my old Audio Mentors I saw some of the ‘kids’ I used to work with at the coffee shop.  I forgot that I was working with a band that they simply love – and was covered in the backstage passes and other paraphernalia of live audio on a grand scale.  It was wonderful to have a huge (and sweet) security guard tell them to stay away from me as I was working with gear etc.  “We used to work with her.  ‘Come on she said we can come back stage ….” 

I saw how completely pathetic the whole situation was.  They would party with one another and come in hung over or still ‘altered’.  I’d go off and try to put in a few meters on my break around downtown Denver and they’d snicker about my age and how I would make the exercising a priority.  Go ahead and suck on the cigs, Kids … just don’t exhale around me please!  Now – there they are … pleading stupidly with a guard … girls ‘using their feminine wiles’ not realizing that this brute of a guy goes home, like he has for 20 years, with a wonderful guy named Gregg who was laughing with me.

Bottle of water with lemon in hand, I moved around happily and lightly through some pretty tricky situations with a smile on my face that night … the smile got brighter when Gregg came over and said “Here’s your New Year’s Present, Gigsi …” Most of the group was escorted out by the police … not security … the police.  Drama follows Drama!

So – as I sit here and devour a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with Heath Toffee in it – I’m ready to go!  I am representing the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society — but unlike last year I knowthat I can do this.  The outside cheering and all that is great, but the biggest cheerleader is inside me and getting her tiera and pom-poms in order for the big race on Sunday.  Sure there are other things on the calendar – but, as I was reminded, this first then the next things.

I’ll always be surrounded by people who are too lazy to get off their ever expanding rumpus rooms to take care of themselves.  Reading about it is fine, talking about it is good but noting replaces putting on the sneakers and getting down doing it! 

Catch ya’ on the far side of 26.2 … with the first finisher’s medal of 2008!




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