Post Race Blues

19 01 2008

I have no clue what happened to a post that I thought just made it – but oh well!

I’ve never thought much about post race blues, but Disney had a lot of highs for me and one not super high but close with my getting so close to a sub-6.

Coming back to ‘reality’ is never really easy.  I had to hit the Chiropractor and work.  There were TNT meetings for next season and a house that is a complete disaster.  Race weekends out of town are like a little oaisis.  For the most part, they’re strangely relaxing.

I got back to work to deal with a series of really stupid problems that if someone had just taken the ball and made one phone call it could have been averted.  “Not my job” “Not my Department” my fuzzy rear end!  I just don’t get it! 

What’s even funnier is these people are the ones who are complaining about not having enough time for whatever nor being paid enough.  It was like when I was on mile 19 and all I heard was complaining … what a downer!  Sure complain but DO SOMETHING about it.

I ended up having to go BACK in on Friday morning.  I was so hoping to just start knocking the fog out of my head at home and find the floor.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  This weekend, I’ve spent a lot of time in a fog … doing miles on the treadmill because I was freezing outside.

When I lived in the SF Bay Area and I was in a fog, I’d speed down the coast toward Santa Cruz.  I’m a bit of an adreniline junkie as it is, but I love watching the waves smash hard up against the cliffs reminding people that they’re oh so insignifigant against the grand scheme of things.  I would remember motorcycle rides where, as the passanger, I could watch the world go by and go with the curves.  A few years ago, I tried to kick the fog by going snowmobiling.  No clue what the hell I was doing but I ended up jumping the damn thing.  Mine was the good take, but I’m not exactly sure if I want to do that again 🙂

Now, I’m driving a car that has serious trouble with the snow since the defrost is ka-put.  There’s ice all over and I’m feeling a bit locked in.  The fog is just sitting. 

Tommorrow, I was reminded, I’ve got a 5 miler at Chatfield.  Cool.  Maybe that will kick the emotional fog so I can think. 

One can only hope!




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