Why I have a coach …

19 01 2008

People think I’m overflowing with drive.  I’m overflowing with something, but it’s not always drive.  I waited until I was sufficently hydrated and with my head spiked into place to write a squibby 3 month or something like that review.

I wrote a while ago about giving Dave’s coaching 3 months to see if there was any signifigant change.  See below.  I do, however, suck at math.  It’s insane … as is my confidence level.  Sure, I’m shifting the responsiblity of my training schedule over to someone else, but at least it’s someone who knows what he’s doing and takes into consideration that I need to be TOLD to knock it off when I’m injured.

On that note — Dave … here are the minutes … I don’t want them anymore!  Onwards and Upwards!  I’m off to replace a pair of shoes … huge sale on Brooks today!

Hugs and Love and Getting Faster – Eating Galloweenies on toast for lunch!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

Same track ‘cept 1/2 marathon:

      4 mile  – 00:09:14
Liberty Run 7/4/07                   00:51:56
Mile High Turky Trot 11/22/08        00:42:42      
      1/2 marathon  -20:54 to -24:41

Boulder Backroads 9/24/06            03:12:45
San Jose RnR  10/14/07               02:48:04
US-SF 1/2     11/4/07                02:51:51                 

      full marathon   -15:44

Disney 2007                          06:24:01
Disney 2008                          06:08:17




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