Frosty’s Frozen 5 –> 1:02:30

21 01 2008

This was interesting actually. I’ve wondered what walking in the Chatfield Resivoir area would be like and now I know.

 I’d not signed up for the race – actually forgotten that I’d said I would do it.  Everyone under the sun has told me that after a marathon I should take a couple of weeks off.  Time off and I don’t get along all that well.

Very chilly, but not exceedingly cold.  Definately several layers and the snow/ice was still evident through the entire race.  My intestinal system hasn’t settled down and so I was operating on a cup of tea with honey and a granola bar.  Not exactly the most wonderful way to go about things.  Met up with Sheila who was running with Kerry and Janet who had her trusty cowbell.

Mile one saw the return of the granola bar.  This is going to drive me nuts.  I was passed by Darla Yoerg – an amazing local racewalker with beautiful feet.  I love watching her!  At least she only passed me once as she was doing the 10 mile.  She and Doc Christine were surprised to see me.  I was a bit surprised to see me.

I didn’t start slipping into a comfortable pace until I passed the ice/snow leading in to mile 2.  There was wind in my face and I realized the loop back would be on the bikepath.  Unfortuantely said bikepath was covered in snow and underlying ice … and I was wearing my Brooks flats. 

There was a long hill leading up to where the water station was and the 5 mile turn around.  Ok – I’d dealt with worse in SF, but I was concerned about the ice.  Water stop was a necessity as I was only carrying Cliff Shock Blocks.  Not water – Gatorade … no way of mixing it down like I’d done through the marathon … oh well … whatchagonna do?

Flipped down the bikepath and carefully picked my way through the ice … nearly slipping and landing on the photographer who had his long lense on his stomach while reclining in the snow.  I was thinking about how much I miss my old photography days — looking at the world through the lens of a Nikon F/3.

A couple of slips, a lot of snow.  My pain level was mainly a 2 to a 2.1.  I wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I wasn’t going to stop.  There are days that I live in this uncomfortable place when on a treadmill.

I started overheating, passed a guy I’d had in front of me as a pacer and made a new Race friend named Dusty – who has one arm.

At about mile 4, I noticed a new pain at the base of my neck on the right.  I must have been tensing my neck/shoulder muscles or something.  My breathing still sucks at altitude, but I just have to keep plugging through it.  Mike Mc has given me some hints to breating in cold air, so that worked.

 The last 20 feet or so was a chunky mess.   Honestly, the race directors could have pulled out a damn shovel and made it either flat or shoveled out.  It was really stupid.  I had to pick my footing and it was pretty slick when I came in.

I was slower than my Turkey Trot 4 miler, but faster than the Cherry Creek Sneak that was sunny. 

 Wandering around waiting for Kerry and Sheila to finish the 10 miler, I ran in to Mike Quispe from the running club.  He did the 10 in his customary speedy time – he weighs about as much as my racing flat!  Unfortuantely, he had some stomach ailment that he was going home to pass out and drink ginger ale over.  Doc Christine, whom I didn’t know was in the race, took fabulous care of me.  Of course, I go for water then coffee … I know some of you guys want the Beer or Tequilla … but I’m a coffee junkie.  Doc Christine, a reader of this blog it turns out, keep care of me and guided me to bits of bagels.  It was a good thing too as although my mind wasn’t splitting her head into several neighbors like a Hindu god, I was having some problems standing and with light headdedness. This time I think it’s being back at altitude, but I could be full of hot air. 

Doc Christine, Janet, Audi (the guide dog) and I were on a little hill of sorts by the end waiting for Kerry/Sheila and Darla.  Wrapped up in her outer layer were chunks of Bagel that Audi was trying to get from Christine.  She said “No.  These are for Lizzy if she needs them.”  I almost cried because I’d really not thought about it, but the tree across the way was getting fuzzy …. it wasn’t getting ready to play ping-pong, but I was suffering from no food.

The sad thing was by the time that the folks were coming in from the 10, there wasn’t anything there!  It was like a repeat performance from the US-San Francisco 1/2!  I guess I don’t get it.  Idiot here didn’t have my bag — which I HAVE made sure that has non-stale in it!  I can’t believe it, but some of what I brought to Disney probably didn’t help my intestinal discomfort … I grabbed my donation food not my current food.  I’m an idiot – but at least I don’t think I attempted to poison anyone else!

I’d give myself a B+ for showing up and kicking it out.  Giving myself  an A is pretty difficult, but at least I didn’t get hurt on this one.  Back to training!




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