Pain …. Marathon Movie

25 01 2008

Too many people let their pain get in the way of what it is that they want to be doing.  I’ve written a great deal about my inspirational friends who don’t let the ‘rejections of their bodies’ get in the way for as long as possible.

It took me nearly forever to find the theatre to catch the Spirit of The Marathon or whatever the name of the thing was.  Great publicity stunt: one showing, several theatres, leading in to training for the Spring/Summer marathon season.  I was going alone as after telling folks about it and not getting any response, I didn’t pick up a ticket.  This was something to share with like minded friends … but then again, I would be sharing it with friends – just in different theatres.

Walking across the parking lot, I was still troubled by the tightness I’ve been feeling across my back.  Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, or the driver couldn’t see my neon yellow shirt, but I had to jump backward to stay out of their way as they sped through the parking lot.  I hit that tight part against the back of one of the multitude of Jeep things and went down.  Like the car accident after Disney, I was wearing so many layers that I probably won’t bruise or crack anything, but it really doesn’t feel all that terrific.

As I was getting up, I was spotted by a particularly troublesome person from the campus.  “What are you doing here?”  He’s with his family and about my age.  I didn’t have to be polite, but it’s not in my nature to rip someone infront of their kids.  I said I was going to the Marathon movie, and his response “Oh yeah.  I heard about that.  It’s for runners.  Why are you going? Are you meeting more like you that do your walking thing?”  Maybe he thought he was being funny, but I hurt and just gave the green eyed glare realizing that this overweight ninny just loves to play stupid power games.  I just smiled.

If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter books, he’s got a particularly nasty cousin named Dudley who likes to make fun of Harry not having friends … but when it comes down to it, it’s really because Harry lives in a different part of England from the rest.  Dudley and his family like to say how strange and abnormal Harry and those like him are, but it’s just putting uncomfortable things into a box without needing to accept anything. When it comes down to it, it was they who were living in an insulated world by only allowing things they deem to be proper or ‘normal’. 

After a brief pause, I said “You know, I don’t really know, but you’re probably correct about the general lack of applicablity from this for me.  Thanks.  Have a pleasant evening.”  I went and got the ticket from the kiosk then promptly handed it to a family which was one ticket short for one of the kids’ friends.  As the song goes, “It was a sold out show…” and they were really appreciative.  After a comment about my Team In Training ball cap, they mentioned the kids wanted to try a marathon, but they were ‘too old’ … ‘too old’ my butt!  They were my age!

“Have you ever done a marathon?”  I slowly grinned saying “Um since January last year, I’ve walked three and a handful of halves.”  They corrected me to “run” and I corrected them right back to “walk”.  They corrected me to “jog” and I corrected them to “walk”.  They stated the assumption of “The Galloway Method” and I corrected with “No, The McGovern Method” writing Dave’s website down on the bottom of my ticket receipt … “I used to run when I was a kid, now I love the challange of walking.” then I limped slightly away.

I picked my way through the now quiet parking lot, tried to stretch my back and leg before getting in the car and went home.  I’m a lousy night driver in Colorado.  There are few street lights and next to no lane dividers.  I thought about the movie thing and realized that there might be something for me in the movie, but I’ll have to trust others to tell me and it’ll show up again. 

I woke up this morning needing to seriously stretch my side.  I’m kind of happy that I didn’t go to the movie mainly because I put my body in a bubble and salts bath instead of a movie seat which probably did me more good.  I’m hoping my general intestinal tract holds better today because I’m getting to mile 3 and feeling a huge discomfort.  Maybe I’ll do a fast 5k this weekend to see if I can get over it. 

If the movie was about drive and dedication, I’ve got some good friends whom have that in spades.  If it’s how to get jazzed for a Marathon, I’ve got to do that from within. 

I leave on Thursday for Huntington Beach.  I’ve got the travel arrangements set after some hiccups that I should have anticipated.  Like not paying attention walking across a darkened parking lot, I think I just need to remember to take care of my own life; old norms and assumptions do have to be rewritten.  I’ve got a hotel room for 2 days by myself and that should be a good thing.

The only real trick I’ve got right now is I’m still highly dehydrated but I’ve got another set of exercises and stretches to try to make my life easier with … one less pain.




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