Blasting …

27 01 2008

Stomach feeling good, leg feeling good, dog really happy with 3 miles in dog park … all is right with the world!

Two posts in one day … wow, my computer really must be feeling good!  Actually, I’m sorely behind on my e-mails and such due to … well … life.

When I was a kid, like many I went to summer camp.  The two main ones I went to were Skylake Yosemite Camp and Camp Beaverbook – both in California. 

Skylake was traumatic for a couple of reasons I’d best not put in a public forum, but really affected my later life.  The two extremely positve things about this camp were learning to waterski and the weeks that the Japanese Campers would come.  For some reason, I felt far more comfortable spending time with these kids who spoke next to no English than with my ‘peers’.  It happens.  I’ll never forget the confusion with my shock of blond hair and my love of doing the exercises that we did every morning at flag raising.  Most of the kids groaned, I remember having the girls around me teach me how to do them properly.  The other favored memory was when I was dressed up as a Geisha – wig, kimono, two toed socks, wooden shoes and all!  It ws for a skit and somehow they had shoes that fit me!  It took all day and the translator was explaining many things to me about the background.  There is a negative memory attached to this also, but I refuse to aknowledge it.  No photos are available, unless they’re in my storage someplace … or in some 40+ year old former camper’s photo box in Japan!

I transferred to Camp Beaverbrook in around 1977.  Fewer campers, longer sessions, no family there.  For the most part, I had a great time.  I wasn’t surrounded by people all the time, so I could wander off and stare at the horses or go running.  Yes, running.  By the summer of 1977, I was running both track and cross country for my junior high.  They had just installed the Tiburon Bike Path over the old railroad tracks across the street.  I’d slip on my Nikes (only worn for running), cram the solo ear plug for my mom’s hand held transister radio in my ear and I was off for miles at a time.  Forever the jockette, hu?  Not really … but the nice thing was since I wasn’t one of the ‘popular’ kids even at camp, I could take off (with a counselor when I’d go out of camp boundaries) and run.  E. Shepard – Circa 1977 

Snap forward …

When I went to Disney this year, I was prepared to spend a lot of time by myself like I did the previous year … but I didn’t realize that I would really meet folks from the Marathon Walking newsgroup!  Penne from Illinois made it a POINT to fine me – and Kristen got this shot of The Terrible Two: Penne and Lizzy – Disney 2008 .  Then there’s Doc Bolan – a local chiropractor who has such amazing energy and I can’t wait to have him bouncing like a muppet on espresso in San Diego as I glide in a couple hours behind him.  I was asked if he was my brother, My Bro Doc Boland.  His daughter, Alison, is a kick and a half.  I was asked if she was my daughter … hu?  While we were waiting in line to have our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie at the Victory Celebration, the post-marathon me taught Alison the finer points of doing The Bump … Alison B. learns the Bump!

I think it’s funny how much I’ve changed from that hyper skinny runner who lived on coffee … I’m a bit heavier and loving life a lot more … and probably a bit crazier … And I stand up straight and proud of myself!  Sassy Racewalker

 See you on the far side of Surf City …

The Countess … Who’s starting to believe that dreams really do come true … you just have to work for them!  Coming through the Castle – Disney 2008




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