30 01 2008

Staring at the sunrise after getting no sleep has me slightly concerned about Sunday.  I woke up at an insane 2 AM because I just couldn’t stay asleep.  I did everything possible, but I’ve just got a lot to deal with.

The hardest thing going in to this 1/2 marathon isn’t the travel arrangements or little blips in the plan.  It’s knowing that I’ve not had many straight hours in my sneakers.  The really positive thing is that my buddy that I’ve never met Brandon and Rachael are coming down from the Bay Area to do this.  No matter how I do on Sunday, I’ll have friends in the race and no matter who comes in first, we’re there for the others … even if we can’t find each other!

As I was writing the last post in the middle of the night, I took some time to clean out the past.  I’ve carried it around long enough!  I found I had 5,000 old messages in my sent e-mail that I’d kept for no particularly good reason going back to 2005!  A lot of it was PAIN … I’m serious … PAIN!  It was who I was then and wow …

I junked out the vast majority of it.  When I get in these cleaning moods, I just want them to continue … that that’s not going to be the case!  I’ve got to pack up for rain and decent temperatures … along with homework! 

I’m ready to go, however!  Not only am I ready to splash through the Surf City 1/2 Marathon at whatever time I get, but I’m ready to walk into the next phase of my life knowing that I’m being surrounded by an amazing group who count the quirky me as one of their friends.  I’m ready to rock this – maybe not at 100%, but that’s OK … ONE RACE AT A TIME!

Life’s a lot longer than most think … I can’t WAIT to see the Pacific Ocean … even if I’m all bundled up!

Let’s Walk and Roll!!





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