Sitting at my virtual tea shop

12 02 2008

Many years ago I came up with a safe way for people like me to interact and discover/share tools to resolve personal issues.  It’s a tea and coffee shop based on a few I spent an awful lot of time in.  The rules of the game are simple:

1. You’re responsible for your own life.
2. You’re responsible to pick and choose among tools at your whim.
3. You’re responsible for your outcomes.
4. See One and Three … repeat

Lately, I’ve found myself kind of sucked backward into dwelling.  Dwelling on the little things and dwelling on the stuff that really just needs to be dealt with.

So – I was clumsily trying to explain to a friend of mine that the tea-shop is open to those who are working through their lives — just as long as they’re working through it and realized that I wouldn’t be allowed IN the place if I didn’t virtually own it because of my dwelling!

There are a lot of messes in my world that I’m clearing away and a lot of tea to drink, but I’ve been dwelling on the daily stupidity of idiotic people and things that I truly can’t change … and I’ve found myself sick!  Past was becoming injurious, people were using old barbs to skewer and I was living in the cesspool I thought I’d eradicated … but no … others had brought it in with them!  I got lazy and must have left the door pegged or something.  Instead of being a cool and comfortable safe place, my tea shop was turning in to a feted hang out for people who just dump and drag me backward!  Yuk! Send them to Starbucks!

It’s cleaned out now.  The door has its own way of knowing whom to allow to pass and it’s comfortably cool.  As I sit by the window in my virtual tea shop, sipping on something warm and comforting, I can hear people crabbing outside the window … maybe just to have something to crab about … maybe it’s just to be heard so they’ll say it over and over to anyone who’ll listen.  Like everyone, I’ve got a lot of things to work through … and some amazing friends who don’t need to know what it is that I’m doing.  They’re secure in knowing that I’m doing what needs to get done because they’re doing the same thing.  The one thing we all know is that we’re there for one another even if it’s just a reassuring notion of knowing someone’s got your back while you’re going through Hell.

I think it was Churchill who said “When you’re going through Hell … keep going.”  Instead of bottling – which made me seriously sick – I’ll probably continue to scream, shout and type a lot out … and then feel better about it.  But I’ll take that tosh outside and leave it where it in the bin where it belongs.  Then I’ll go inside for a nice cuppa, hugs, giggles, cuddles and happiness!

As was said in Bullitt: “What will happen to us over time?”  The response “Time starts now.” I don’t give a woolly rat’s underpants what happens to the time drags … they’re outta here!  Life starts now! Take out the broom and dustpan and live!

The things you learn when your the substandard tea-bags you’ve become accustomed to with a well made English Soy Cambric and a pile of grapes.




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