Back on the Track

20 02 2008

You never realize how much you miss it until you finally can get back out!  Did a little Team in Training workout on Saturday — well not really work out because I was with a couple of gals who are thinking about walking but running across the finish line … why run across the finish line?  I push it, but why run?

The real problem with TNT workouts for me is that I’m not really working out at a level for me – that means that I go out for a couple of hours then go and try to do whatever mileage that I need to do for me. 

The hardest thing, of course, has been the stupid cold!  I get out and start to hack.  My lungs still have residue of whatnot in them and it’s just taking freaking forever!

I am, however, doing a very light track work out this afternoon … before the freezing rain … 🙂




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