Experts … and my tub

24 03 2008

We all can’t be experts in everything.  I know just enough to be dangerous in many things, but leave it up to the experts to guide me along.  Right now, I have enough on my plate, so I’m having to leave things up to the Experts – three examples:

Take my best friend Bailey: She’s the dog, by the way.  I’d not exactly felt confident with the revolving vets we’d been going to, so we tried a new one.  He suggested she lose weight, start a different diet and have dental work done.  Everything has helped and she’s gone from acting like a snotty old lady to being a bossy young 11 year old.  When she injured herself at the dog park, I knew enough to know she hadn’t broken or snapped anything.  I’ve not got the time to get a degree in vet med, so I’m trusting the vet.  I’ve noticed the positive changes … go with it.

Take my walking: I really feel for Dave McGovern with me especially these past few months.  I’ve been sick, injured, and depressed.  My being off-balance and ill has manifested in a lot of ways … and has put a spike into most of my training.  Hit reset and just keep going.  He probably has enough of a grip on my eccentric personality to know that I stumbled hard and am getting myself back in a standing position.  If this means moving my next Marathon to July – it’s moved!  I’m still getting used to things!  The cool thing is that I’m still moving, dealing and have a coach who won’t let me give up no matter how many times I prove that I can make it to the ladies room at the Y when I’m about ready to barf on the treadmill!  I’ve just got to get back to the place where I can do what he says to …. like the blind follower that I am!

Take my computer: I used to know a lot about them, but really haven’t kept up. I trust my smattering of experts to help when they can and follow through on their suggestions. We’re all busy, and I hate to be a bother.  A really dear friend has been tapped so many times by everyone at the Museum, that I felt really guilty – and waited entirely too long!  Sometimes things come crashing down, and it’s a game of catch up.  Ok – the dust is settling – what do I need to do now?   

The upshot is: My Experts put me in a direction, and I do my level best to go there … and when I’ve got issues, I let them know.  When it comes to apartment repair, however, I draw the line. 

We do know I’m reasonably mechanically minded and I can fix an awful lot of things, but when you’re paying for life in a gigaplex which has a crew of ‘on-site’ maintenance folks, it’s time to give it to someone else.  I’ve been living here for something like 4 years now and it’s been a lot of work … and periods of no heat/hot water … but I’ve learned to complain.  The latest, however, doesn’t only affect me but my downstairs neighbors whom I adore!

I’m on the 3rd floor.  I love taking baths … soaking my back and reading … YUM!  What I didn’t know is that there has been a slow leak going to my neighbors’ apartment for nearly a year.   Interesting enough, this coincides with my mentioning to the head of maintenance, Gary, that the sealant was needing repair … It’s kind of been an annual thing since they replaced the back-splash with tile after I first moved in.  

Ok – it’s gotten worse during 2008.  With my being so sick, I spent an inordinate amount of time in my tub trying to heal myself.  When I got back from Surf City, I caught that nightmare of a cold and that’s when I first heard about the leaks.  No problem.  I figured that the pipes had finally gone through and that the tub needed to be replaced.  Right before Runnin’ of the Green, the contract plumbers agreed … so after an event where I really wanted to soak bruises in hot water, I took a shower and grumbled.

In the midst of the tornado that has been my life, I pulled the artwork out of my hall, emptied the bathroom and got over my disgust at having my bedroom reek of stale cigarettes because of the outside contract plumbers.  Fine.  Bailey had to be put at my neighbors, and Kayo and Taki’s dogs had to go to doggie day care, but in one day it was finished.  On the downside, I knew that both bathrooms would need to be repainted, my computer had crashed hard, my research is potentially lost, my book is back to being in my head, my training is sucking, I’ve still got that bad feeling it’s not finished, I’m sore … but I’ve got a new tub and it’s slightly deeper than the last one … and my Brooks flats were in at Runner’s Roost!  Breathe, relax, it’s all going to be ok … it’s Friday night … take a nice bath in the candlelight….

uh …

Well – I kind of heard the obnoxious ‘singing’ which is my phone tone, but I ignored it until 7 a.m. Saturday.  It appears that the little leak had turned into a waterfall downstairs.  Kayo  isn’t one to exaggerate, so I knew it was bad and, embarrassed, I wrote her and Taki a note saying I’d be marching into the leasing office with them.  I got them laughing at the humor of the whole thing, but we’re all on our last nerve.  Fortunately we get along well!  No problem – they had someone come out and allegedly there was ‘a screw loose’.

Fancy that – a screw loose with respect to me this year!

Ok – not a loss of a day:  Tub fixed, Alan called with a computer suggestion, I got my new sneakers and found out my friend from the running store is also a computer guy and might be able to help me get the stuff off the old box & deal with the network from hell.  Not a loss of a day!  Shifted my long walk to Sunday … took Bailey out for a few easy miles … all is at peace with the world.

Sunday, I stepped down funny within the first couple of miles of my long walk and realized I’m not exactly healed … fine … take Bae for a tourist walk and hit restart.  Computer not liking my old copy of Outlook nor get on line … fine … talked with Comcast and will do a work around.  The house in disarray and potential of embarrassment, deal with it … remember …. you have your Tub back.  Crawl in and soothe the jangled nerves and sore joints … and hear disembodied voices from below.


I knew what it had to be … the damn ‘plumbing professionals’ didn’t do the one thing I’d asked “did they check to verify that the overflow was properly connected?”  Taking Bailey out this morning found a really sweet note on the door.  Taki is about ready to blow a head-gasket … and he’s not one to trifle with.  I guess this goes with my frustration with Race Officials and not holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to the ‘rules of the game’. 

I pay for a coach who, when he sensed something was really amiss, let me know I mattered … coupled with a good swift kick in the rear.

I am talking with a computerese friend whom we’re trying to schedule time and I’ll take out to Richi’s to discuss computer resurrection, backing up and my wireless. In the mean time, I’m up and going.

Bailey is on some meds and a special diet, but is a happy pup … until I shove a toothbrush in her mouth, but she’ll have to deal.

But the Tub … it’s somewhat out of my control because I can’t do anything and I can’t really trust the ‘professionals’. I’ve got no clue when they’re coming in to disrupt my life.  It would be lovely if people could actually take some pride in what they’re doing.

Saga will continue ….




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