Hey Tom – and Everyone …

24 03 2008

REPLY to Tom’s Comment:  This is why Comments on line are GREAT and very apprciated!

Injury report: I’m healing, but wonky.  I tried distance 2x this weekend and in both cases I came up lacking.  I did finally get my new sneakers – Racer ST-III – from Runner’s Roost.  Sprinted a couple of running folks around in front of the store … felt great, but knee didn’t feel right.  It’s Monday – so it’s restart day.

Ooh – I forgot about Trekking Poles … People usually keep these to themselves, but I’ve not had much experience with them!

The sad thing that I’ve noticed at races is that the ‘officials’ aren’t willing or able to pull people.  The argument I’ve heard is that races are so understaffed that they can’t keep track of things.  Out on the course, a lot of time they’re kids who are volunteering for some sort of credit or because they *had to* … hence my exerience with crappy water stops. 

It’s really time for Officials to have some balls.  How many local races have we all been to where people are struggling to pick up their shirt or to late register because Fido is deciding Fifi or the Squirrel is more interesting?  BOATLOADS!  The larger or more popular the sub-1/2 marathon race, the more strollers, dogs and headphones you see.  If the argument is that they don’t want to piss people off, then they’re asking for legal rammifications because I’ve had more than one person state “we’re sorry you got injured, Lizzy, but was it bad enough to sue?”  Just whom would I be suing?  I didn’t get the bib number of the offending owner (don’t usually carry pen and paper)! 

The easiest is to beat them at their own game: Get faster, Have my Bite Me racing shirts made, Remain as polite as possible, and Keep being in the field.  Friends have said “If this pisses you off so much, why not just do races where you’re challanged only by other racewalkers?”  I see this as cramming my head in the sand because we’ve got to be out there with ‘the masses’ showing that there is a competitive alternative to jogging.  I would like to know how races can be sanctioned by the USATF when they’re breaking their rules.

One of my favorite 5K’s is coming up and it’s tiny.  I did it last year and there were 250 people.  No dogs, no strollers, probably headphones.  When the Olympics start showing racewalkers (or even runners) with dogs on leashes, treking poles, strollers and headphones, I’ll feel it’s cool to do the same. 

When I get the research paper finished, I’ll streamline the letter and I’d love it if it was shared — with your guys’ signatures too … I don’t really like being out on a limb here.




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24 03 2008

I’m with you one-hundred-percent! I crashed into a woman with a double-wide stroller who was hanging out talking to her friends … IN FRONT OF THE WATER STATION at Mile 11 in the Miami Half. And she acted like I was threatening her kids …

There are races out there that advertise themselves as stroller and dog friendly – and because they annoy me, I choose not to do them. I wish those stroller-pushers and dog walkers would show the rest of us the same courtesy.

Dawn Kuhns

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