Green Bathrooms and Other Things ….

30 03 2008

Happy Day for One and All – Lizzy’s bathrooms are … done … ok all except the cabinets.

When I moved in, they were mixing some white with a greenish hue to it.  The leasing office thought I was nuts when I said that the bathrooms, and all my walls actually, had a green hue … until the painter was in there.  I said “Are you doing the cabinets?”  He said “You want them verde also?”  Verde … oh crap … green! 

So – I laughed and said “Um … no green cabinets …” and toodled to the leasing office.  Allegedly sometime this week the cabinets will be done white. 

This morning, I looked at my empty green hued walls and smiled … you know if this apartment was perfect, I would not feel comfortable living here.




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