A Call for Good Vibes and The Power of Friendships

14 04 2008

This weekend, I hung out with a couple of wonderful speedy sneaker runner friends of mine.  We went down to the Garden of the Gods area wherein I was trundled about learning the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile course for June.  I agree it’s going to be a challenge, but as long as I don’t have to be concerned with how I’m getting home afterward, I’ll get out there and give it a good go.  There are these long up-hills, but it’s in a beautiful place.


As we were walking the roadway, I was looking around … “Ok – it’s long, but I can do this … middle of the hill is this set of rocks …” making mental notes.  We came down the back of the road hill and were turning left into the park.  As the three of us crossed the empty roadway, I was warned by one about the speeding bike rider zipping down the hill.  “So you’ve got it, Lizzy, right?  Up the hill, around the curve, down the hill … turn left and avoid the speeding bicyclist …” Gotta love my friends!


The ‘other’ reason for our going down to the Colorado Springs area was so that a trail run track could be checked out after the recent snows.  Last year a pair of snowshoes might have been in order … this year … um … mud.  We figured an area for me to do a little walk since I’ve been having some trouble with a couple of blisters (new socks … and didn’t pay attention when I was buying them) and an ankle.  It was sunny and trail for me isn’t terrific.  I honestly thought they were going to drop me off on a roadway and pick me up when they were done … so slicks, sand, mud, snow, jumping over a stream …


My training has had big chunky holes in it recently.  I’m finally healthy, but really need to dive in to a nutrition book to figure out how to get energy stores.  The Boys let me get a little head start, made me laugh … then did what they do best – pass me like I’m standing still!  They have amazing respect for Racewalking – especially since they know they can’t do it!    


The beginning of the path was loose sand.  Yuk.  The next part a mix of mud, dirt, and residue snow … after about a mile and a half it was mellowing out.  What wasn’t mellowing out was the blister under one of my toes … keep it going Shep.   As I say – beautiful day.  Winding curves and feet doing pretty well on unstable ground.  I looked around and thought how lucky I was to have friends who didn’t seem to mind that I would be so far behind and safe in the knowledge that they’d be attacked by guilt bombs if they left me out there! Every time I looked up, I saw the red and blue jackets of The Boys getting smaller and smaller and smaller and … well … I wanted 7 miles, but with the tread and foot issues, I settled on a 5k.  As I watched the back of my friends disappear around the last curve, I looked around, felt somewhat alone – but knew that there were a couple of men out on that trail ahead of me who cared. 


For some reason, I thought about my friend Steve … www.baycitywalker.com … and he’s got the heart the size of all outdoors … just lungs that suck for days and nights and … actually it would be nice if they would work.  My lungs didn’t feel wonderful – but I’ve got to remember I was at a slightly higher altitude – but I also knew that my bud was ‘hanging out’ in the ICU of UCSF again and I’ve got nothing to complain about … ‘cept this stupid blister and an ankle that hurts!  HOWEVER, I thought, every mile I get out and do is shared by my buddy …


I went out for 2 miles, came back and then wanted ½ a mile to actually work just on my feet. Waiting for the Speedy Sneakers to get back, I did a few sprints on a platform … and then flopped over on a bench in the sun.  “Steve – it’s a beautiful day here in Greenland, Colorado … I didn’t get anywhere near the miles I wanted to done, but I did some sprints … and I’m sending you this beautiful day … but not sure if you want the snake that seemed to slither near me just before mile 3!”  I could only hope he was out of ICU and polishing his sneakers. 


The thing I was appreciating as I was curled up on a bench in the sun was how amazing and diverse good friends are.  Someplace out on the trail that stretched out in front of me were a couple of dear friends who I’m  so happy they’ve taken the risk to know me.  Just beyond that are pals in California who are just amazing and have gotten me through my last long races – through the power of text messages!  Behind me up in the Denver Area are buds who have made the last year really special … and of course a couple of states away … PENNE!!! J


I was thinking about how I was looking forward to the message from California saying “Steve’s been paroled!” which means he’s out of the hospital.  Hanging out with friends and *relaxing* was what I needed. I was the last one up the hill behind the house … and nobody said anything about my having a little trouble catching my breath.  Playing, laughing, telling stories … By the time I got home, my face hurt from laughing, smiling and discovered probably the most comfortable couch to be enveloped in! 


Every morning that Steve’s been incarcerated, I’ve sent some sort of silly note to UCSF … but I was hoping *hoping* to get a note that said he’d been paroled again … instead I get this ..



Steve took a turn for  the worse and had to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. …  Safe to say, Steve has itchy feet and can’t wait to wear out yet another pair of shoes 😉


Pout …


So – when you put on your sneakers to do your Daily Constitutional … could ya send some good vibes to my buddy who is just a smidge too far away from his sneakers?  Send a few miles … maybe the good ones – he’s got enough trouble in his life  … out to Steve … We all know how frustrated we can get when we’re not able to get out and do a mile or to (or 20 like some of you) … but when you’re stuck in a hospital … well … read his latest post … www.baycitywalker.com


In the mean time, I’m going to try to figure out how to create a mobile for him to bat at made out of worn out sneakers!!!




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