28 04 2008

Hey Gang –

Not sure what’s going on with me these days.  Starting off the year with that whatever medically and becoming what I refer to as a “reluctant vegetarian”, I’m feeling beaten up!  At some point, I’ll write out my Cherry Creek Sneak post, but right now I’m more concerned with how beaten up I’m feeling.

I’m not feeling race beaten up — I *know* what that feels like … I feel like falling over asleep after eating … I tried to add my miles in yesterday and it didn’t work and tried this morning … zzzz.

Here’s the upshot:

I’m dealing with this paper that has not felt right for about a month. I turned in a draft which will require serious re-writes and I really don’t know if I’m up to it. 

My training has finally been starting to click. I’m starting to *get* track work-outs by slowing down and working on my form. Not exactly happy, but when am I ever?

My personal life is mellowing out since I’ve been relaxing and spending time with friends whom understand my addiction to racewalking because it coincides with their addiction to running. It’s been really nice.

The medical study I’m in hasn’t required anything. Since I’m proving to be more of an anomolie, they’re still fairly hands off. It was suggested to start adding back in some forms of meat to see if I can get my protein levels up.

There you go –

The thing for me is that I’ve not really liked cooking for one ever. I’m such a bachelorette … and a lazy one. I’ll snack on Clif Bars instead of eating sugary snacks, but still. 

I know I’m not overtraining because I got a feeling of what *that* felt like earlier and have backed off to the point where I feel lazy and slothlike.

I’m drinking enough water to grow gills.

So – as I type this, I’m stuck listening to bad Muzak covers of disco tunes waiting for Kaiser. I’m finally tring to deal with the insurance issue — which being single, paying for it yourself, pushing 44, and needing insurance that will cover wherever I am … it’s not fun.  So far it appears they’ve buggared up both my street name and apartment number … I’m on the fourth department to figure out the bill itself.

I’d far prefer to live in a world wherein I could just walk, be a good friend, cheer on others, walk, love my dog, be supportive to those I care about, walk, eat, and write.

Ok – she’s back … here we go a-gain!





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