Um … pacing like a caged tiger … and limping …

16 05 2008

Ok – so – remember my concern about three fast-for-me races in three weeks, right? I had a right to be!

When I finished the Trophy Series, I was really interested to see how sore my quads were and how tight my calves. Pilates Monday Night was taught by my friend Todd who is naturally rather tight so we worked them out a bit. I got off the floor, put my left foot down and something was off.

I probably should have tried to get in to see my Chiropractor right then and there. I made excuses … my paper, finances, time, and “oh it’ll go away.” Doc Christine – a fantastic chiropractor and competitive racewalker right around the corner from my house is GLARING at her computer saying “LIZZY – my office is AROUND THE CORNER ….” and she does acupuncture also. Yes – that playful slap upside the back of my noggin … I just thought it would go away.

Nothing doing. In fact, with all the writing for the paper in a horrible chair, my left shoulder got into the act as well! Left shoulder, sharp ice-pick being driven into my left rear pelvis, ankle not feeling solid … that I can deal with … my knee … I’m always concerned here. I took a lot of baths and was careful on the little bit of training I did … but also made the decision that the Homerun for the Homeless 5k would be happening without me. I had spent a lot of the week thinking about my friend Rosalie’s situation and was going to do the race to see her and Tom, but …

Saturday, Cindy and I were womaning the start/finish for the longest TNT walk for this season. It was freaking freezing and I know I gave myself a chill. Nothing felt really right so when I got home it was bath –> read –> bath –> TV –> bath –> bed! I did feel pretty good by Sunday … nothing aching more than usual …

Then I went to Pilates on Monday …

Oh my … we were doing something and my left knee was CRUNCHING! It hasn’t done that in years. I got up and was in pain. Oh no … I’ve got a 1/2 on Sunday. What is going *on*. Driving home, I called Dr. Gary’s office … “Um … I think I’m broken.” That’s been a bit of a euphemism we’ve been using when I can’t figure out what I’ve done but I hurt. I stared when I was working in the coffee shop mainly because I was carrying so much stress based on the stupidity there. Then I’ve actually been in pretty good shape … until now.

I stopped going, honestly, because I couldn’t afford it. Simple as that. They said “Look – you hurt … you come in … HERE ME?!” I’m easily embarrassed but I realized how much they meant it when I got “the glare” when I was fit in the schedule.

The upshot – I’m a bit back out of alignment after the past few months. Makes sense after everything that has happened. My knee — no stress fractures or anything … he’s thinking bad sprain complicated by connective muscles being slammed into doing things faster.

I’ve got clearance to walk on Sunday … but not to really train leading in to it. Armed with my trusty Bio-Freeze and promises that I won’t kill myself … I’ll be aiming for 2:48 (a time given to me by Coach Dave McGovern) … that will be slamming a LOT of time off my only 1/2 marathon at altitude. I’m realistic, however. If it’s slower — it’s slower … as Q put it I’ve got other things to do this summer!

So – until Sunday … I’ll be house cleaning … and pacing like a caged dragon … with a slight limp.





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