Post Race … A Bit Sore … Thoughts about the last 6 months

19 05 2008

Well – your intrepid walker here. I went to the Chiropractor this morning with most of my other joints sore too. We checked the knee and she’s holding up pretty well. My shins are a little sore as are ankles and his. Just some protesting, I’m thinking, from 2 weeks off and a crummy road to walk on.

I’m really happy how calm I was through the last 1/2 Marathon. I’m having a slight case of post-race blues anyway. Usually, I’m getting on an airplane and coming back to Denver around this time as Monday is a travel day for me. This go around, I’m being carefully watched by Miss Bailey Boop (the dog) and kind of not getting anything done.

I racewalk because I am enjoying it far more than I did when I was running. Simple and complex as that. My goals are to get stronger and faster. It’s taking some effort because I’ve had a lot of my own mental damage to carve through coupled with 42 years of trying to kill myself through athletics, pushing audio gear, and just the way my life has flown along.

What’s been really amazing has been the last six months or so of starting to feel like I belong in the company of some amazing runners. I can’t keep up with them running, but as I’ve been reminded several times … they can’t keep up with me walking! And, of course, there are people I know that I can’t keep up with walking because they’re stronger, faster and more dedicated than I am at this point.

Six months ago, I was staring down Disney again. I’d been getting training schedules, kicks in the butt and coaching from Dave McGovern and had started to watch my walking move. I’d also had that stupid accident where we’re starting to chase my recent knee problems to …

I’m sitting here after doing the fastest 1/2 I’ve ever done to date with sore joints and shins thinking about what I want to do to the Denver Marathon. I’m not afraid of it anymore – it’s something to conquer … and do it with my own style.

My illnesses and injuries have really gotten me down. I am, however, listening to myself and making allowances — even if that means I’ve got to take time off from walking to get everything else in line. I’ve realized that I’ve got an amazing group of friends who are athletes at a variety of levels who keep me going. I am staring at my training schedule knowing that I had to blow out almost two weeks of it.

My priorities have really shifted and as I see more of a direction taking shape, a lot of the nonsense is starting to float away out of my life. It’s about time … but it leaves a great deal of things I’ve not wanted to look at that I’ve got to get done.

The adrenaline torrent of short races is nothing for me like the long exquisite flood of a longer one. Yeah – I’m taking my body to the brink of a lot of pain, but I know I’m doing something I love.  The cool thing about this 1/2 Marathon was the exact thing I was fearful of — I was at home. Q said he watched other racewalkers who had all sorts of different things going on with their form. He knows something of what I’m looking for – grace, float and shush … passing people while making it look easy with determination covered by a smile.  It was really cool he said that because he’s an amazing athlete and runner himself.

I’m in that quiet mindspace where I’m done with a long event and contemplating. As I say – I’m usually getting on a plane about this time! I’m seeing how so many things are potentially coming together … that just means that I’ve got to deal with the messes that I’ve found myself in so I can get out and train/compete … and live life. 

Off to pilates …

That Scrappy Racewalker – Lis




2 responses

19 05 2008
Grace Alfonsi

Hi Lizzy, love your blog. I ‘d say you capture the half pretty well. It was great to see you at the beginning and at the end of the race. Congrats on your PB time. I look forward to seeing you at some of the other races this summer. Can’t make Dave’ s clinic this year. Hope its great fun. Grace

19 05 2008

Yup! Amazing Grace! It was so cool to be able to cheer you along before Mile One and even better to see you coming in. You looked great!!! Keep Walking, Girlfriend … and thanks for getting my attention! You know how Dizzy I am!!!!
Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

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