Cheering on First-Timers … and all of us really

23 05 2008

Well – One of my closest pals, and racewalker that I forever am trying to catch up with, Kristin is the Mentor for the TNT Boulder, Colorado team. I wrote this for her gang going to Steamboat Springs or San Diego Rock and Roll … and … I kinda liked what I said … so it goes for all of us! 


Hey Bodacious Boulder Boppin’ Boogie Folks –


Medal Elicit: I beg to differ with your Fearless Mentor … Wear the bloody thing in the airport and when the thing goes *beep* look like some cavalier, hyper wealthy person and say … “Oh yeah … I forgot! I completed a (1/2 or full) marathon yesterday … silly me!”  Do NOT hide your Bling!!! You’ve EARNED it! When you’re feeling like you’ve got a tough mile … visualize *Bling* around your neck!  It’s gotten me through a few races now! Nobody has fallen over due to *Bling* … trust me … if it was going to happen, it would have happened to me by now!


The big thing is this … you ALL are WINNERS! You’re ATHLETES! I have a sweatshirt that says “My Heroes Wear Bibs” … you all are Super Heroes!  You’ve done the hard part  … now go out with several thousand of your soon to be closest friends and do your BEST!  Stuff happens on a course, but remember – those speedy sneakers are blazing the trail for those of us closer to the back who know that BACK OF THE PACK IS WHERE IT’S AT!! J


Good Luck Everyone!  Be proud of yourself … you CAN and you WILL do as much as you can … and then one mile more!  The most beautiful sights in the world:


1.       Start Line … your corral … getting ready to go

2.       The ½ way point … because it’s gravy and just going home from there

3.       The Finish Line … because you’ve been aiming for it for the last 13 or 26 miles.

4.       The second timing pad across the line … that means you’re *really* done

5.       The guy with the medals … he’s your friend … you can say OH MY GOSH!!! I DID IT!!! And he should get it

6.       The Mylar blanket people … the water people … it’s a love fest (ok – for me!)

6.5   DO NOT STEP ON THE NICE PEOPLE TAKING THE CHIP OFF!!!! It’s really wonderful when they have a railing you can rest your foot on as they cut the little plastic strips off. Friends of mine lace their chips in … um … niffy … but that takes work!

7.       That 5 minutes before you go to find the your friends where you realize “oh my gosh … I really *did* do it …” followed by “what’s next?”


Have fun!!!


Lis Shepard
Central Denver Captain
Walker Nutter Like Mentor Kristin




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