Bolder Boulder 10K – 1:15:00 … Cold, Wet, PR?

28 05 2008

Ah – gotta love Boulder in the overcast!

The Bolder Boulder is the largest Memorial Day race … according to them. From what I heard, I was out there with some 53,000 of my closest friends. I walked in compromised … and walked out with both the Eagle and Coach Dave reminding me that this 10K and so I had further to go.

My major muscle groups felt like they were encased in cement. Just one of those reminders to put down the chocolates and do my exercises a little more seriously!  It was a bit of a busy weekend – Dave’s clinic in to the BB … with my wonky knee … I wasn’t really expecting a great deal. I just would have preferred to have felt a bit stronger. I was under *orders* to “just have fun, Lizzy!” and that’s what I aimed for.

Weather was overcast. It had been raining. I have a nasty tendency to overheat (something I’ve GOTto deal with this summer) but I also freeze. There truly is no middle ground with me, hu? I had tied the Pacific Coast shirt Brandon gave me on for 13.1 miles, so I could do this for the BB no problem … I just didn’t feel like it!

The CW-2 reporter yelled over something like “Hey are you going to run in that skirt…” ah … mmm… Something slightly sassy out of me and next thing I knew Chris wanted me to come back to be interviewed for live segment on racewalking. I’m trying to get a copy of the tape – there should have been one made at the station, but you never know. I kind of blew it on the year that racewalking was in the Olympics … but I got out that it’s a competitive sport, there were members of the Rocky Mountain Road Runners and World Class Racewalking out here, gave the rules of the game by explaining the difference between fitness walkers and racewalkers (without calling fitness walkers “Tourists”) and a little demo … very sore little demo … with Chris saying “Wow – you’d better get out of Lizzy’s way …” I made a comment about smiling when you pass me!  I didn’t think much of it, but through the race, I got encouragement by people who saw the huge globe on the back of my white tank-top saying “Hey – You’re Lizzy! I saw you on the news this morning!” and making a comment about not realizing there were rules to racewalking… and smiling! Every time caught me off guard. Even in the food line at the end!!! Folks from Nebraska saying they wanted to try it … there you go Dave … I was able to write down the website for them!

Oh yeah – the race! Most everyone I knew was in front of me. Mike Mcwas behind in P … so I knew that I had air if I was really messed up.  I made it a point to see the A-wavenutcases take off like a flock of bats out of Hell! Holy CRAP! Then I settled in for almost 2 hours of seeing folks until my wave.  Stretching, getting my head wrapped around the course, enjoying the overcast … wanting to get moving.

Mile one was a bit fast – but it’s downhill. I just wanted to get my feet under me and going. It usually takes me a couple of miles to get my legs comfortable especially when I can’t spin my wheels a little warming up. I also want to work on my NOT taking off like a bat out of hell at the start of a race! I’d decided the night before that I was going to teach myself kilometers … so I was actually enjoying the lessons along the way. Kilometers do just tick away and the sense of accomplishment is lovely! Lap time: 11:43

Mile two was OK. Not shaking out really well. Found my shoulders someplace near my ears. The roadway was damp from the rain so I did slip slightly. Lungs felt a little funky and mouth dry. Had a pocket full of Shock Blocks, so what the heck — this was going to be one of those races. A lot of traffic, of course, and people walking 5 abreast right down the center of the street. You know, if you know you’re going to tourist walk, just move a little further back because there are some of us (runners, walkers, Galloweenies) who are competitivewith ourselves no matter where we are. Competitiveve people aren’t just in the waves you have to qualify for … Lap time: 12:10

Mile three: I’m beating the blasted hula people because they’re leaving parts of their skirts everywhere! There are a lot of Bay-To-Breakers type of things on the side of the road. We’re going through a boatload of neighborhoods! I just don’t find the need to stop! My legs were sore and I knew Becky (who had done the 10K judged AND Dave’s Clinic) was ahead of me. She’s stronger anyway – but she’s so my hero! 🙂 She’s got an amazing attitude and, yes, she is the one who I tried to chase down and thought was trying to kill me … now she’s one of my good friends! Quads and calves just tight. Deal with it – you’re not stopping now! … Lap time: 11:36

Mile four … sucks! The thing about the BB is that it is a bunch of rolling hills and I just have to get over it. I got the weather I wanted … Top of mile 4 is the potties I remembered from last year. I learned just how important quads and calves are on this nasty little buggar! I was thinking about Dave’s class and the whole carbs/fat fuel thing … popped 1/2 a Clif Shot gel … gooey. Started raining slightly. Ok – so I got to wash my hands! 🙂 Lap time: 11:55

Mile five: The Dwarf I was was Crabby … Grumpy’s kid sister! I realized I was slightly slower than my last two 5 milers … but started the mantra of “I’m having fun, damn-it” and parts of a couple of songs. Had the voice of a couple of folks … one saying to just have a good race and the other reminding me to “please just have fun” … one was at the end of the race and the other was fleeing the state! 🙂 I’d passed a great deal of folks but was passed by the Smirfs… oh my God … I’m going to be beaten by a group of young Smirfs … guys with blue liquid latex pealing off of them … I couldn’t stop laughing! If you’ve got to be beaten by someone … better than the bananas! Lap time: 11:35

Mile six: Aww crap – another freaking damn hill! The last hill into the stadium for the BB is long and then you do a right turn and there’s more to it to get in. I was fine last year, but this year I wanted nothing of it! Actually – I haveto remember that I was moving a lot faster this year than last … and although I was leaving in a few days for my disastrous San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon … I had done more competitive races leading in to this one … excuses, excuses … this sucked!  I made myself laugh as I turned for pads at mile 6 … I’d teased Loretta that she had to choose a different dwarf from Grumpy as she was doing her final 10 k of 30 k over the weekend in preparation for the Olympic Trials in July. Coming around that corner and up the middle of that secondary hill, my mental coach’s voice changed to Loretta’s – with her New Yorker Accent – “Yo Lizzy … you’re doing great … just a little more … CHOOSE A DIFFERENT #(%@ DWARF!!!!” I laughed, relaxed, and said “Ok – I choose Ditzy!” … Lap time: 11:50

Last 578.06 Meters: Ditzy Dwarf Lizzy woke up as she hit the metal covering the track. It wasn’t full of people like years past because of the crappy weather. Rosalie would be at the end with Tom (and my bag with sweats) … I just had to get from … HERE  … to … THERE without incident. It was not going to be a pretty finish — but I’ve not had a pretty finish in a while as I’ve been pushing myself past my comfort zone. I came in on the left and made a bee-line for the rail on the right … I had a straight shot … not many people in front of me … and I was encroaching on The Smurfs!!!!  YEAH!!!! I might not catch them but I could push it. The only visual I could think of was that I got the feeling that a racehorse gets knowing they’re going around the corner and coming in tof the home stretch. I knew I had some friends in the stands but I’m not foolish enough to think they could actually see me — never know, but I was coming in behind the Smirfs and I would be watching the Smirfs! There were no chutes NOR TIMING PADS at the end. I really got a little confused. The last timing pads I’d seen were at mile 6. I got under the banner and found Tom … and got a hug! … Lap time: 4:12.

Tom grabbed my bag and I wandered with the masses to the food line. I felt pretty good – heavy muscles, but pretty good. A couple more people saying “You walked the whole thing …” uh … yeah. It was nice to have the time to myself to check in. Last year, I felt like I was going to pass out. This year, I knew I needed to get some water over my head to try to cool off … which was a blessing and a curse because it was cold already.  I got through the lines and wasn’t quite motivated to spend too much time in the expo … cold weather, feeling stiff, wanted to just people watch … and stretch. I didn’t feel all that good about my time, but I don’t have times in my head.

Scott and Adam found Ditzy Dwarf just outside Folsom Field … my dulcet tones calling over to them probably bounced off the wall! I followed Scott’s lead and pulled out my sweats. A good thing to keep me warm as I was sunburned from the weekend and … just did a race! The problem was I should have sat DOWN to put them on or at least backed in to Adam as a wall as he and I are closer in weight. No … I just was one track … put on pants … and when my calf seized up I nearly tookout both of them! I’d *never* had this happened and NEVER want it to happen again.

Of course I came in so far after these two speedys. Scott was in the A wave and Adam in the B’s. Really good sports the two of them! Two runners waiting for a racewalker. I’m really thankful!!! Adam knew how to have the results texted to a phone – and I’ve got unlimited texting. Scott’s came in first … he was only 2 seconds slower than his 10k in Vancouver … holy crap!  He’d looked at my Garmin and said “You did really well !” He knew I was set in kilometers, and it was nice to have him know where I had problems on the course. It took *forever* for my times to come in and three sets of eyebrows went up again!!! I started getting Adam a little stretched out as I was working on myself after we wandered for a bit. They took the local bus system up from Denver and I had to get to the field for the elite race. I was really sad I didn’t get to see Q or Hanak or Sheila/Orion or Mike Mc afterward, but I did get to see Becky. It was icky weather and not everyone had a good race.

Here’s from my personal log … should explain it better:

Sore going in. Figured out how to set watch for kilometers AFTER the BB … ok … I didn’t really get into my ½ marathon ‘happy place’ through this, but I think that had more to do with being sore after upping my yoga and stretching and the drills at the clinic. Need to somehow remember these and add in to my mix. I tried to warm up before the race – but I couldn’t get stretched out. I was tight going in and coming out, but I’m OK with that. It probably kept me from pushing too hard. Waiting on the track for my credentials to get me back down there for the elite race, I recovered very quickly. Probably should have looked at my watch. Sunburn caused a little overheating. About ½ an hour after I got off the track, I was able to try to put on my sweats. I’ve never had my calf completely seize up and holy crap! Leaning against Scott to try to get into my sweats and nearly took him out because I couldn’t stand. Left  calf. I *never* want this to happen again … What causes muscle seizing? I think Adam’s eyes pealed across the back of his head! Ready to catch a racewalker. It’s a harder sport than many thing … we’re out there longer!  Need to add swimming and more directed weight work. I look like a cow … especially the arms!


So – From what I have been reminded immediately by Scott and later by Dave … I did JUST FINE! Every race is a good thing for me. I’m not happy right not ‘just ifnishing’ because I know I can do that. I am happy about learning to listen to my body and make adjustments during the race. The photos are going to be ugly … F-ugly actually … but I’m OK with that. The big thing I’ve got to work on is finding my 1/2 marathon happy place in shorter races.


2009:  The next group ahead is the 62-70 minute Runners … 2009 … that’s where I’d prefer to be. Runners + Lizzy. HA wave … to remind me to keep laughing! 


Next race: Rocky Mountain Road Runner’s Trophy Series – Stone House. 




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