RMRR 2.48 Miles – 28:50 — I don’t much care for gravel/dirt!

1 06 2008

Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to try to take off like a bat out of Hell on races?  Somebody please remind me of this!

Today was the Trophy Series and because I’ve done so well my predicted time per mile was 11:15 or some such nonsense. Um … NO! There was no way I was going to get there. I shouldn’t have even looked at it! I should just never look at them … just show it to Scott or Q and have them give me a more realistic time based on what my body is doing … and I believe this is race 8 in 9 weeks (?). I was a bit freaked out at how low that time was … and maybe I could handle it, but not on gravel and not when I’m not 100% … maybe next year.

FORTUNATELY for me, Scott’s got a very quite voice and I was comfortable enough to state how I was feeling. He gave me a more realistic 12->11:30 … something I can do fairly easily. He also ran the course in the morning so he let me know how it was laid out. Ok … not quite as freaked out … but …

Little competitor here is an idiot!

I took off with the 00 – as I should – and was right on Ed’s heels. Dennis was way ahead of me, but he’s so strong. Ed’s gota hamstring issue, but he looked great. I kept hearing ″Lizzy … slow it down … you’re to have fun and you’re slightly compromised ” I finally listened as I slipped slightly on an itsy bitsylittle decline (just over the size of my foot) where I put just a smidge too much pressure on the inside of my left knee.


I don’t handle hot well. I’m a hot and cold wimp, I guess … kill me … I’m a native San Franciscan! Last year, I was in the San Diego Rock and Roll and when the June Gloom burnt off, I was really in trouble. Today I didn’t think it was going to get this hot this fast. I also need to do laundry with my lighter weight clothes in it.

On this short of a walk, I don’t carry anything. Why bother? I knew they’d have water probably part way through and I hoped I’d be fine. Overheating and hurting … not a good combination. Ok – just keep going. Club friends were great cheering me on, but I was honest – I wasn’t doing well at all. The pain didn’t get up to an unbearable amount, but I think I was also just too hot … and I’m not a singlet wearer (until my arms get decently toned!) for the most part.  When Alicia passed, I knew she would see the slight limp from behind so I asked her to have the Bio-Freeze for when I finished … unless I DNF’d … which was a possibility at this point — just a smidge past Mile 1.

My watch is set for Heart Rate and not mile markers right now … I found out later it was still set to lap on the kilometer as I was told “You had a BLAZING first lap … 7 minutes!” by someone whose time is less than that, by far! I don’t know if I would have felt more comfortable knowing where I was. I just knew that the majority of the course was on trail … and I wasn’t thrilled … and hot.

Coming around for the first loop … water station … DNF? … Mike Mc, Rosalie, Tom and the gang were there at the finish when I grabbed a water … then I nearly tossed the cup on judge/coach/amazing racewalker(and human being) Mary Anne! Um … “what are YOU DOING HERE???”We got a really good laugh out of that and I did say I was in pain.

Oh poop! I was feeling icky and a friendly judge was out there … keep going and don’t die!

Just before mile 2 I was passed by the speedy sneakers. They really are a great group! Got cheering along which kept me going. I really was overheating as I look back on it. Ok – so this was not a terrific race for me, but let’s just keep going.

Loop two – the smaller one … mile 2 … just a smidge left … allegedly .2 … but someday I’ll have tangents and such down!

The last 100 meters maybe I could feel my knee not at all right. It’s that feeling I get just before it decides to trick out. It happens every so often and I just have to keep strengthening it. I don’t mention it because it happens when I’m no where near a race usually. I’d been helping a friend move, off racewalking training, and then doing quite a few races back to back … it’s about time. But my pride didn’t want me to fall into the finish line or before it! That would just be embarrassing.

Got past Mary Anne without really being concerned where she was. Ok – I like that … this means that when I’m doing the millions of circles in a judged race, I’ll know what to look for but not be too concerned. I was paying attention to what I should — knees, feet, finish line. Knee was going to buckle … it was camping out at 8.8 and like a tectonic plate, it just needed to slip right back in to place.

The thing about the RMRR is that they’re all really supportive friends. I was coming down, obviously not in a good way and I could hear the Gang. There was Rosalie with the chron. Tom, Mike and Brad at the table. Scott off to the left and Alicia coming forward with the Bio as my knee decided to play games not more than two feet into the chutes! I knew it was swelling and I wanted the swelling stopped immediately!

Alicia is all of 5’2″ and a little stocky. She popped herself right next to me and when I needed it, I was able to tuck her under my arm! The thing I knew was that my knee had popped BACK to where it is supposed to be. YEAH! I know the feeling but it’s not fun at all. I really knew it when I took some cool-down sprints and everything was perfect (except my lungs, but who needs them?).

This was the first race Mike Mc was a volunteer at and I really wanted to talk with him after I recovered. I’ve got to take care of the heat issue as I’m already taking care of the knee one. The big thing I realized as there were quite a few people concerned with my nearly falling in the chutes is that I love this sport, I love competing and there are people who really care about the hard headed me.

Dennis and I took about a mile with each other. As I said before, it felt great. I felt guilty that I’d not helped out with the volunteers much — I’m not really getting the hours this year — but it was really good to talk with him. He said he noticed my ability to be explosive and really thought I was going to have a very fast race because he could see it in my eye that I wanted it. I did and I didn’t. Quite honestly I’m tired right now. Weather, school, work and back in to training … I’m just a skosh tired!

I don’t know how this race hits in comparision ot the others, but I’m OK with all this. I’ve got a huge race then a smaller one then I’m more or less just training which should settle my mind out and get me to deal with the heat. I really want to get good with the heat thing as I know Disney is either freeze or fry …

Next race: Garden of the Gods 10 Miler with Q and Sheila





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