Times they are A-Changin’

11 06 2008

Well … there’s a thing called shedding where you get rid of the things that you’re kind of holding on to for no particularly good reason except they’ve been a safety zone. You’ve outgrown them and they’re moving from really beneficial to neutral to detracting.

When I was just about to start to ‘train’ for the Boulder Backroads in 2006 (first event in well over 20 years), I joined my neighbor in joining Curves. Curves is a woman’s only 30 minute circuit training center. It isn’t really a gym as the circuit is all hydraulic machines and the trainers really are trained in just those machines. The positive thing is that there are no mirrors, waiting for machines, adjusting or whatever. I felt like a cow, but could go in and sweat without staring at furry guys or women who belong on model magazines.

Since it’s working against my own resistance, what I put in to it is what I get out of it. I liked that. I also liked morbidly obese women getting off their ever expanding rear ends and moving. It was a lot of fun actually. My neighbor and I would go together and we’d tease one another. Good times to be had by all.

The hard thing for me is that the whole club is centered around how many pounds are lost, inches, and tons of body fat. They’ve got a for fee eating program and such that I was nearly seduced in to. I aknowledge that I’m what is known as a functional anorexic. I got myself down about as far as I could weight wise over my athletic career. For me, I cannot stand the sight of bones popping through skin and there is the potential of that saving me. I don’t know. The thing is this: it’s a life long problem especially for someone who has metabolism issues.

SO – me in this environment was a challange to keep myself from getting upset when I’d do my weigh and measure and go up in inches or pounds or whatever because of eating more for races, girly-time, or muscle creation. I helped out the owner on a few things and flirted with actually working there – but that would have been a massive mistake because of my interest in health and fitness.

I’ve noticed that I’d kind of grown out of the place a while ago, but it’s been kind of a nice thing to run in to and get my arms worked on. I do have a membership to the YMCA here, but I liked not having to think. I also like a lot of the ladies that I see here and there. The owner has even given me several free months just to keep me on the books – me and my good attitude. … or …

“Look – Lis lost 25 pounds total of bodyfat and 20 inches … she’s 23rd of our top 100 Biggest Losers!” Um … if you look at the paperwork, I’ve not been here all that much. A lot of that comes from my other activiities. I do *highly* recommend the place as a spot to go and get going!

So – I happily went in and worked the hydraulics. I rid myself of  some frustration and nonsense from work there before doing some miles. I can deal with some of the things, but the one thing I enjoyed was I was working against myself – getting out what in.

Yesterday, Gina and I went and they’ve just bought the “Smart” system. There’s an addition to the program – much like the Cybex system at some of the Y’s where settings are kept in a little computerized box. The member is to swipe a key fob and keep within a set range. Ok – that’s fine … but what about those of us who really aren’t interested in that information (actually – I’m an info-pig, but I’m not interested in paying the $50 set up and $5/month additional)? “Oh nothing has changed except these two machines …”

um … if nothing has changed, I’ve tripled in strength in the couple of weeks since I last went. That didn’t happen. Obviously in an effort to be able to get people to do more quick reps, all the hydraulics are lighter. I’m *not* strong upper body and I was flying through it.  Gina noticed it was more chaotic as they’re trying to get things set properly. After one circuit, she said what I was thinking … “Enough.”

As I wrote my resignation letter, I realized that it’ll be exactly 2 years from when I joined that I’ll be leaving. That’s a nice round figure. I like that. 

The winds of change have been blowing around me a lot lately … Let’s see what is next!




One response

18 06 2008

funny you are a FORMER Curves member now. I am also a former member. It gave me what I needed in the beginning, when I was over 200 pounds. Now that I am in the 150 to 160 pound range and always training for a race… It just doesn’t do it for me.
Our local owner is a friend, and she also talked me into working part time, to encourage others to BE LIKE MARYANN. I don’t know too many people who are as obsessive compulsive about things like I am, so, it just didn’t work out and I quit after a year. Now, everytime I see members in public, they start making excuses to me about why they haven’t been in to exercise.
I haven’t worked there in 6 months…
The owner also tried to give me 3 months for free when she got the new smart equipment. I don’t like it. Mixing cardio and strenght training is not what athletes do. Those are things that need to be kept separate, and not quite equal in my opinion.

Keep on keepin’ on!

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