Finding myself strangely wiped out

11 07 2008

As I wrote my buddy Gary in San Diego — “One hell of a past couple of weeks…”

My training has been a complete mess. I’ve not been able to really focus for the last couple of months and with one friend having her breast cancer operated on and finding out it’s spread to her lymph nodes and another being scared with the potential for prostate cancer only to find out he was cleared and looking forward to sharing it at a monthly dinner with a friend of his only to find out her lymphoma took her life that morning … coupled with some things with work, sorting through my life in general and the heat of Denver …

Ok – bitch/moan society.

I did some gym time then was going to walk and it was already really hot. I was going to do my track workout … put on my Garmin and had the voice of another friend expressing how irritated he was with the sides the buttons were on .. hu? In a return e-mail, he kindly pointed out that I wear my watch on my right so they’re more ‘normal’ placement. I returned the watch to the cradle and realized I wasn’t going anywhere.

I’m not eating properly. I had added a boatload of sweets to my ‘diet’ to kind of keep me going and that just gums up the works.

On the plus side, I did get some written on the book I’m working on. I’ve still got to figure out how to get the info off my old hard-drive because i’d written some good stuff there … ok stuff that makes me laugh! Will keep you guys posted on that too!

WE all get this way, I know. I’ve got the most amazing friends who have been saying the most amazing things … can’t quite figure out why they have. I’m trying to figure out my next steps and get the show on the road … but thanks!

Doing as much of a long walk tomorrow morning as heat allows. I’ll pick up a waist mounted camelback probably tomorrow or Sunday afternoon, but I found my long one and will take the extra weight if it’ll keep me safe longer.

Hope all are fantastic!  Off to take the dog for a ride and a little walk … she’s the greatest!





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