26th Stick was the Charmer … Further adventures in blood letting …

1 08 2008

There is either a chorus of “Oh sh#t!” or “What is she going on about this time?” It’s adventures in blood letting!

If you happen to have an old copy of Mr. Robotto from Styx (?), you might as well put it on. I’m known as Madam Robot.

Yes – today was Blood Test, the Sequel for me. I was bound and determined to have this be the last visitiation. No coffee, tea, chocolate. The only soda pop I had was decaf and on Sunday night. I even ate some meat, paid attention to my diet and tried to relax. Relaxing with the fact that we’re moving the office … which is a special bit of political hell in and of itself … I’ve been downing water and exercising at the circuit at the gym (doing my level best to destroy the blasted machines). I’ve not gone out to do any training after I ran in to the doc who said “You know – just do the gym stuff.” My car is down, so I’m not able to get to my favorite sites anyway. I’ve been walking the roughly a mile to and from the light rail station and letting my mind drift.

Yes, Sports Fans, this was the second try at a full series blood test because of my lack of energy, off and on tiredness and the fact that I’ve got no clue as to cholesterol levels etc. I’ve been having nasty trouble training and the heat isn’t helping. I wanted a ground zero. Please remember this is a voluntary test. My treat for getting it on the first couple of sticks was going to be the 5k de Kovian (sp) race with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners … it’s also an end of the summer pot luck. I was teased on Sunday that I was missing all the ‘fun’ races and figured this would be a great way to get myself back in line.

My veins suck. They’re deep and seem to like to cut off blood flow with the mere introduction of a needle. These two tries were probably the worst of my life due to number of attempts, but I kept my sense of humor and the vampires were really quite impressed with how I can withstand more pain than they can. I really can’t – but anyone who knows me when I’m determined … and I had a goal to fill up the four bloody (pardon the pun) vials.

They got a tablespoon on the first stick then it was a dry run through several sites on both my left and right arm-hand-wrist then my right knee-ankle-and several places on my foot. Move over to the other side and I was starting to go cold. Tried left foot, ankle and knee sites – there should be surprisingly many. If anyone says that behind the knee and foot sites are easy, has never had an attempt. It’s a freaking
nightmare. I started to get seriously cold and padded back outside in the delightful 90+ Denver weather with my jug of water. I have no clue how my friend Steve can do it … I was getting down on myself, until I did what I do best … turned it into a problemsolving situation. I went back in, looked at the chart on the wall following veins and figured there was one site left on my left hand. Called Doc Dad while shoving the feeder vein on the side of my wrist under nearly scalding water. This had to work. Anyone who knows me knows how concerned I was becoming if I called Dad. Last time I called him was when I was herfing etc. at Disney and it wouldn’t stop.

Sitting up, three more dry sticks and finally said “Lizzy – this is going to hurt.” Um .. yeah … itsy vein but I started to feel my lips feel funky and knew I was changing color. Drip, drip, drip … SPLASH!

26 sticks in one day and finaly a little well … not a gusher, but blood anyway.

There was another adventure when one of the vials was missing and I had heard the tinkling of glass hitting tile floor. Fortunately the rather large vial happened to have fallen in a lab coat pocket because there wasn’t going to be another time.

They thought that I had a ride waiting for me and didn’t really want to release me. I contacted one friend of mine at work and said it probably wasn’t a good idea if I tried to race tonight – I can be with the running club anyway helping out … I don’t know what I sounded like, but I looked like hell. Out of there and in to Einstein’s Bagels to eat the left side of the menu. I wanted coffee … and the gals there who know me made me a huge sandwich and stuffed orange juice bottles in my bag … and a treat too! I was a good girl! 🙂

Yes – hands are hurting, feet are hurting, knees are hurting … but test results on Tuesday. With any luck – I’ll just find out I’m lazy!

Thanks for being friends –

“The longer you wait to decide what you want to do, the more time you’re
wasting. It’s up to you to want something so badly that your passion shows through
in your actions. Your actions, not your words, will do the shouting for you.”
Derek Jeeter




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