My first WNS … and Wonder Twins Helping a Driver

2 08 2008

One of my closest friends Jackie is doing the tri-for-a-cure tomorrow. I was supposed to do it also – in very fond memory of my God-Daughter Rae, but with my knee injury … and getting kicked one time too many in the face in the pool due to my creeping up on the swimmers ahead of me, I backed out. I don’t like backing out especially when it’s something that I really wanted to do. Jackie knew this and put up with me when we went to do packet pick-up today. First time ever (and hopefully last) that I would be walking into a local place, getting the packet and turning in the timing chip. I picked up the packet because I’d bought a vest for my mom and she said her favorite birthday present was going to be my un-used race number because I’d not done the race. I’m not a DNF but a WNS … (wuss?) (will not start). You guys really know how this is killing me since she’s going to be biking with a two headed snake on her handlebars in memory of Rae … of course only Jackie would find a two headded snake … one on the front and one on the rear … that squeaked! 


After getting swat on one of my very sore hands for making a stupid side-seat driver comment … I’m still not right – the heat(?), being an emotional goober(?), feeling like a failure (probably) … we got to the expo. I was nearly in tears knowing I was picking up my race packet then going directly to turn in the chip and DQ myself (still not feeling right about that either – don’t like giving up – did fundraise about $800 though … too bad they didn’t get the blasted blood out of the pool last time I was kicked in the face … nah – the test results would say “Miss Shepard, you’ve got too much chlorine in your blood). Jackie can cry on cue with what’s gone on, but I kept it together until we were going to the back of the Bicycle Village and I realized that I really *was* checking in, picking up stuff and leaving the chip. Dang that hurt. I was nearly in tears again, but ok … we went to the expo (skirt sports 2 pocket gym girls for $30 each! J ) and wandered about. We got the 10% off coupon for the Skirt Chaser 5K … and then we left.


With the heat, we were thinking about a ‘just in case’ thing for Jax to carry – night before a race is stupid … but she could handle some of the shock blocks I had – just an emergency. I came up with a way to attach her timing chip to a chip holder she’d bought so she wouldn’t have a hunk of plastic around her ankle (I hope it holds) … such a geek – not wanting friends to look like goobers … then it was taking her out to a soup/salad buffet. Laughing, talking, hashing, tears … in other words – typical Jackie/Lis.  Coming back on Yale at the  light for Yale and Monaco, we went around a guy who had his flashers on. Both of us remarked that it was a lousy place to get stuck. Looked at each other … then, as if on cue … when the light was about to change … Jackie hit the emergency flashers and both of us flew out of our respective doors in shorts and flip-flops.


Jackie (in pink and brownish patched hair with her tri-number written in black ink on her arm and leg with a few drawings we’d done – think Laugh-in if you’re old enough) talked with the guy as your reasonably tall blond reporter directed traffic while walking to the back of the car. We pushed him across the intersection and over to the gas station. Not only did it work, but we didn’t even lose the turning light! J He got out of the car laughing … kind of a big guy saying “Oh my gosh – I’ve never been pushed by girls before!” (Yeah – Jackie and I are a couple of pushy chicks alright! J ) He gave both of us hugs and I noticed a photo right behind his steering column … “who’s that pretty girl?” It turned out it was his daughter … I finished with “Well – buy her a present … and teach her how to push a car!” We all laughed.


The Wonder Twins then ran back to the  big white jeep which was waiting patiently in the middle lane of Yale and scooted along our way.


Cancer Sux Gorilla Girls – Super Heroes: Super Velvet and Zsa-Zsa the Wonder Geek … saving the world one giggly step at a time!


Have a fantastic weekend … and if you’ve got a couple of minutes … please send some good vibes to Super Velvet doing the Tri-For-A-Cure tomorrow … how many people have what it takes to figure out how to strap a two headed plush squeaky pink snake to their handlebars?


Maybe I’ll just cut this out as is for the blog!  I love my friends … Wacky Great Minds Think Alike J




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