Frustration – but determined to see the good …

20 08 2008

Ok – I’ve been pretty honest about things going on in my world. This has been the year of injuries … and getting tossed around on my morning lightrail ride to Downtown Denver … getting a little bloody in the process and slamming my poor left knee into a door … then going on to race … I can rise above a lot more than I think at times.

I’ve been pretty tired lately again – low energy etc. I think it has a lot to do with the mental housekeeping, stupid eating habits and the like. I’m getting that all in shape. I must admit, however, that I was looking forward to my classes this term. I was hoping to pull off an independent study that would be directly in line with my interests of linking television and film with how they interact with our popular culture (See – I can make watching television sound like a chore …). Another class was for a certificate I think will be good for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I naturally just promote things I believe in, friends’ businesses and whatever strikes my fancy. There’s a public relations certificate offered through the Communications program on this campus and since it’ll make the masters I’m trying to carve out look good … I signed up for the first of the classes: Principles of Public Relations.

First night of class was on Wednesday. I looked around at the mostly undergraduate class and thought – “ok … this could be interesting”. I should have known something to be amiss because somehow I’d been dropped from the class mid summer and had to re-add. I was on the wait list, to be sure, but I walked in to the class first person … and graduate students are taken over undergraduates. Yeah – it sucked when I was an undergrad, but I was usually able to slide in at SFSU …

Somehow, the waitlist was ‘reshuffled’ and somehow I ended up 5th … wherein I was not added. Hu? Let’s see … the instructor said I was in … I have proof that I was listed as first on the wait list … and suddenly I find out that I’m not on there at all. Worse than that is the fact that I’d been trying to be in contact with said “PR Professional” (who spent most of class stating that reputation was everything, he answers his e-mail and prefers it over the telephone, and whose telephone is actually an adjunct line here on campus) since Thursday … yes … the day after class … to follow up on his promise that he would send the class files via e-mail for those of us unable to access things. Never heard back.

If I’d not checked again today … I would never have known that I wasn’t in the class … and that students who are truly not eligible for the course are in there. Very interesting actually. The person they’re bouncing (me) has access to the back doors and can see precisely how messed up this situation is.

I’d already planned the project – the publicity and public relations packet for the 50th anniversary of the running club I’m associated with. I’ll probably do it anyway – but this little mishap is having a snowball affect and it’s just so indicative of what happens when people do the bare minimum and pass the ball around.

I’ve got to keep it positive because the snowball is really freaking huge with a nasty financial component which can take out part of my job …

  • I can take Wednesday Nights at the track and work on my feet
  • I can figure out how to do the proposal and maybe really design it to fit
  • I’m keeping my temper
  • I can start this certificate a semester off
  • I can use the time to come up with a couple of creative independent study projects
  • I’ve stood up for myself and whether or not they let me in … I truly am going to be OK with it.

Ok – some of that is bull s#$t. I’m upset. I’ve played by the rules and I’m working on my temper.

First: The independent study wherein I’d essentially be taking the history of popular culture classes they no longer offer and essentially killing myself was not approved “Maybe we’ll offer the classes next year.”

Second: This PR thing.

In both cases, the citing is political and resources … my fees go up, my class offerings go down, the excuse level is rising higher than the mercury did a few weeks ago. I just don’t get it. Maybe the Universe is telling me to just train and do what I’m happiest doing … train, laugh with a few good friends and explore.

Will keep ya posted … but unlike my knowing that I’m going to slide gracefully under a 6 hour marathon in the near future … ok – it might not be graceful to begin with, but it’ll get there … I don’t have a lot of hope for this class and I’ll be dealing with the mess that flows afterward.

Ok – I’ve got a mop someplace!




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