Race Check In – Park to Park at Runner’s Roost on Colorado Blvd.

30 08 2008


You know – when I was asked if I would ‘run’ the packet pick-up/late registration booth at the Runner’s Roost for the second Park to Park race, I figured it wouldn’t be blazing hot since we’d be inside like the Buckhorn Race was … I’m so easily sucked in, hu?

Ok – Maureen Roben (sp) and I knew of one another from a newsletter and she’s also the coach of one of my closest friends Val – The Gazelle. I volunteered for a few hours to help out with the Buckhorn pre-race check in and kind of … well … I saw a lot of things that needed to get done. Maureen sent me an e-mail and asked if I was willing to *run* the thing for their next event – the Park to Park 10 mile Labor Day race. What the heck.

I got out there at 8:30 a.m. and the fantastic folks at the Runner’s Roost, Colorado Blvd had been working since around 6 a.m. to get their parking lot sale and pre-race expo put together. Armed with my big bottle of ‘square water’ (reusing my trusty Minute Maid Orange Juice container), I was ready for anything … kinda.

It was warm … let me rephrase — Hot! We took turns headding into the Runner’s Roost to shop and take advantage of their cooler interiors. My buddy John made it a point to not only introduce me to the Brooks representative (“You know, you’ve got to have a racewalker who is devoted to her Racer ST’s … I’m just your girl so you might want to ask the company to make a run of size 11.5’s and have me trial them … I’m quite opinionated … πŸ™‚ “) but he also brought two sets of Racer ST-III’s out to me to try the fit on. I’m sad to say my flipper is up to a size 11.5. I need the room for when my foot swells and although it was probably slightly swolen when I tried the shoes on, I’ve been slamming into the edge of my shoes lately. He’s also potentially solved my hydration pack issue … and using the new Nathan pack … I love Nathan products!

Ok – so there were a few problems stemming from Active on registrations. Live and learn. I’ve had some issues with Active on things. We resolved them pretty quick and, sure, people could be ‘saying’ they registered with Active to pay $50 instead of $60, but let’s get real.

The interesting thing is learning from Alan and Maureen about how do you decide how many shirts and bags to you print? It’s different for every race really. Then there are the give-aways that are in the bags … how much do you let them drop ship to your house. After learning that free hair gel is just plain not worth the effort, they did have some good things.

Maureen and Alan just let me kind of take over … I slid in where I needed to, kept people hydrated love always the viti-water guy across the parking lot and then there was the guy who was keeping us supplied with Duffy-Rolls … oh my gosh.Β  Don’t take me down that little road again … πŸ™‚ … the funny thing was we kept them in the sun so they never really dried out and had that fresh from the oven flavor … gotta love carbo loading.

The last number I gave out was to my friend Jay S. He was late and I just glared! Last time I saw him was before the Georgetown race and he promised he’d be there to cheer me in. He laughed, introduced me to his daughter and immediately said “I came in 4th! No gold pan … I’m gone! Anyway, I had to go to the airport … BUT I did Pike’s Peak!” He’s so funny! Only Jay can get away with this as he’s on the edge of a new age bracket … 50. I laughed and said “Yeah – both you and Scott make me laugh … BOTH of you were wishing you were older to get into the next age group!” All forgiven as I pulled race number 2008 for him! He’s better win!

I was supposed to do some miles yesterday, but I realized with the moving around that I was doing from 8:30 – 5:30 … I think I did them. Maureen is a running coach and wouldn’t let me help – which was OK as I was pretty done. “Lizzy – you go home now! You’ve got a race in two days!!!” Spoken like a true coach!

I got home and was pretty beat. I didn’t realize it until I got my new sneakers … John did find a pair of the red Racer ST-III for me like Brandon’s … and green. I’m going to look like a blasted Christmas Tree!!! … where was I … oh yeah Sneakers … and new yoga book … I should never go to Runner’s Roost after balancing my checkbook … and curled up in my chair.

Little tiny track workout today and trying to get some things done here at the house. Race tomorrow. I want to do well.

See you at the Park!





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