Race Walking Mocumentary … I think it looks hillarious actually

31 08 2008

Ok – so I’m sure there are those who think I don’t take Racewalking seriously … but they weren’t around me as I was doing my level best to kill myself earlier this year … nor have they been involved in a debate about my believe that racewalking is not only a sport … but a very useful one!

So – a buddy of mine sent me a Craig’s List link for a call for extras up in Golden Colorado. The moving is about an “underground” racewalking race … I checked out the film and am laughing still. 


I agree with Jeb about short shorts! He’s going to be true to them “…no matter how drafty it gets…”

I tossed this out to a bunch of folks and actually had some high toned “I think this is making fun of that sport of yours and you should be horrified.” Um … ok … when I recall that the only mainstream film centering on a racewalker is Cary Grant’s Walk Don’t Run wherein Jim Hutton (Timothy’s Daddy-Oh and before, I think, he starred as Ellery Queen on TV) was an American architect … and racewalker – but embarrassed about his racewalking. Cary Grant getting out there in the Olympics in his skivvies was fun … but … at least Jeb and Joel Callihan aren’t embarrassed of Racewalking … they’re just kind of doofy guys!

With any luck, it’ll hold up to the trailers … Will let you guys know!




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