“Modest Brain Test Benefit Seen With Brisk Walking” – Denver Daily News

3 09 2008

Ok – this is probably for everyone other than me … as I’m sure you need to have an actively firing brain for this to be valid!  🙂 Yeah – they’re still trying to get funding for the study I’ve been asked to be in for those of us with drain-bamage … However as I type this article out, it kind of reads as a bit of a press release so that the researchers can keep funds … what the heck … Tie on the Sneakers and watch the leaves change colors!  🙂 Lizzy

     Brisk walking led to slight improvements on mental tests for older people with memory problems in what is billed as the first rigorous test of exercise on the aging brain.

     The results from the small Australian study were only modest. But they back up the observational studies showing potential mental benefits from physical activity.

     The effects of exercise were at least as good, if not better, than those seen with drugs approved to aid mental function in Alzheimer’s disease, according to experts not involved in the study.

     Still, the study authors cautioned that the results don’t prove that exercise will produce meaningful improvement in brain function or memory. They also said the results should not be used to imply that exercise reduces the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s — that can’t be determined from this type of study.




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