I’m either an idiot or becoming a blood blister magnet!

8 09 2008

How’s that for a line?! After only getting the odd blood blister under a toe causing creative toe-nail editing … I’m starting to get them on the bottom of my ever loving tootises and side of my feet! It’s been driving me kind of insane … but then again this year has truly been a growth process year for me.

I’m not a person who can handle using Vaseline. A speedy sneaker suggested it to me and I’ve had a problem with the stuff ever since I was a kid. The smell and gooey-ness … um … *barf*. It looks like rubber cement when it’s on tongue-der-pressers at races.

So – I’m off to buy yet another container of Body Glide and get back to slathering the tootsies. I thought I had four or five containers lying around. I’m sure I should have stock in the company by now. Wonder if they would take on a slightly cellulite riddled racewalker on as a product endorser … I blather about it enough.




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