Ok – so I’m behind!!!

22 09 2008

This would make anyone laugh a little –> I’m staring at the finisher’s medals for two of the last three races only so remind myself to write! I’ve been a smidge distracted – and the general condition of my house can give testimony to this ‘fact’.

Work has been interesting. Anyone who knows me knows that I can untangle and tease out office politics with no real problem … usually. I just can’t stand it. I don’t understand why people go out of their way to make the lives of themselves and others difficult. I’ve been dealing with this in a variety of forms for just over a year. Up until recently, however, it’s stayed at work.

We moved our office out of being housed in one department to a portable building. Personally – I’ve loved the moves since the day we’ve been in there. Bailey can come in when I’m going to work on an off day or it’s a school holiday. We’re off by ourselves for the most part – just waiting for furniture etc. I did get moved to a slightly different position from my regular graduate assistant post until we get a p/t administrative assistant hired. I was hoping this would have happened a bit faster – but we are dealing with academia and the State hiring systems!

The only reason that the ooze of nonsense started coming home was because I had to start wading around the financial end of things and try to untie the messes that were created through the move. I can do a few things well at once … but since this really doesn’t come with any ‘guide book’ and people are pretty set in their ways – it’s been really draining. Also, I’ve been putting in longer hours, trying to get my school work done and losing my days off here and there to make sure some things get done properly.

Couple this with my series of now-finally-over car issues … and it’s just draining beyond belief.

I’ve been walking out tired … getting to wherever I’m going to walk to take my mind off of things and just walk … and I’ve been forgetting things. Once forgot water. Another forgot watch. Lost my heart rate monitor strap in the car until yesterday morning. All of those are easy to deal with … but either grabbing 2 left shoes as I go flying out the door … or forgetting them all together …

The Three Races: Park to Park 10 Miler, End Of Watch 5K, and das Hustlehoff/Oktoberfest 10K … different races … different feelings … but getting me back on track.

When I start feeling overwhelmed, I pull in to myself. I forget that I’ve got some good friends who really give a crap and a racewalking coach who not only prods me along, but is also a friend – who has the balls to be very kind and caring and also call me on the carpet when I’m feeling depressed. Damn New Yorkers … just crawl under my skin and set up camp! 🙂

This has been a heck of a year – some good races … and potential for faster ones. I’ve also been learning where my boundaries are so that I can get around them and move on.




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24 09 2008

Congrats Lizzy on your recent races.
They sure have some pretty funny names. “End of Watch”? You love those little races huh. I should probably do more of them.

Out of all the races Ive done, Ive only done one 5K . I think that race was harder than most of the other longer races.

Well, have a blast at the R&R !

24 09 2008

Steve – you’re the rockin’ greatest!

The interesting thing about the little races is that they’re hit/miss. I know the Potts ones are pretty well measured and the rest. The results don’t end up posted so they’ll hit the athlinks, but I trust them.

A friend of mine said I should blog on my thoughts on 5k’s and shorter … never know! I probably handle them completely wrong!

Shine your special light on Portland!!! Hugs! Lizzy

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