A thought on 5k’s

24 09 2008

I was thinking about 5k’s this morning. I remembered when I was entered in the 2006 Boulder Backroads 1/2 Marathon questioning my sanity. The sheer thought of running 3.1 miles gave me the willies and here I was shoving myself into 13.1 miles of walking. Since then, I’ve done a handful of things but, for some reason, those 4 mile and shorter races just … get me!

I was staring off my balcony talking with a friend trying to understand why this was the case … why do I have more problems with shorter races than longer ones.

“Because you’re a lunatic, Lizzy.”

I’ve always thought that stating the obvious isn’t helpful – humorous, but not exactly helpful.

When I was copying down the lap times, I let myself crawl back into each race in my head. 5k’s and lower – I just go as all out for as long as I can through the whole thing. I don’t think too much about it because I have the ‘luxury’ of shaking myself out in longer races.

Personally – I’m looking forward to being comfortable in all lengths of races … there was a time that a 5k made me shake … and a marathon looked daunting. Every distance has it’s own challenges. I just don’t want to get ‘locked’ in to one or the other. However, I’m sure there’s probably something that my body is ‘built’ for … other than drinking coffee, eating Belgian dark chocolate … and listening to Jazz.





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