Then – Boulder Backroads Photo Late September 2006

24 09 2008

Ok – So … I just found this photo. It is from when I started this adventure in walking. I haven’t scanned on the initial photo that got me to get off my everloving butt and into a pair of sneakers – but I was about 10 pounds heavier than this photo shows. That photo is in my bathroom and it shows how heavy my arms had gotten.

I’ve got a problem with my weight … goes to a lot of things. A lot of the work I’ve done – wildland fire suppression, stock room, audio engineering, roadie, mover – have been body punishing. Seeing how out of shape I’d gotten due to injuries bummed me out! I do have to remember that I was a very heavy 200 pounds when I was doing wildland work … and drinking a lot of beer and snarfing 2 to 3 large pizzas myself!

When I signed up for this gravel infested 1/2 marathon, I was pretty fed up with myself! I was hovering around 190 and couldn’t get lower. I’d signed up to walk the Disney World Marathon with TNT January 2007. A friend asked me to give running one more try even after I said I wanted to try walking fast. I decided on walking after realizing that 2 miles running on a treadmill was tantamount to death! I was working at the coffee shop in a job that I really didn’t like. I had to get up at 2:30 a.m. and got off around 1:30 p.m. I was trying to get through a semester of classes and seeing little point to a lot of things (hum … some things haven’t changed, hu?). The hardest thing for me was staying awake enough to train! I was surrounded by kids who partied all night and came in hung over … and who smoked continually. I was seeing the chiropractor 2 to 3 days a week to try to limit the pain I’d been living under since the 1994 car accident. I was a complete disaster after this race … but smiling. I’d walked the entire thing … kept myself going … 3:12:45 … Not bad for not training … had to work the next morning … was moving … slowly! I was afraid to ever do another long race at altitude after this as I was such a mess – sore, asthma, chafing in places I didn’t know existed …
What’s changed? I have taken myself in to hand and started to go through that hard process of weeding out all the crap and finding the gems. It’s been a real chore this year – but I know that in order to feel more confident about my racing and life, I’ve got to get through all the nonsense which has held me back for an excess of 40 years. I’ve also moved from reading (and giggling with) Dave’s Marathon Walking (still my favorite book – just needs updating) on the train to a job I truly hate … I’m now one of his ‘coach-ees’. I’m probably driving him into therapy … but it’s been an interesting ride for me to get through the depression … and all the stupidity that stemmed from coaching I’ve had from previous sports; coaches that didn’t give a fig about me or my ability to maintain my athletic growth in the long term … but there for short term gains … as I say … I think I owe Dave either a bottle of something … or at least the large size of Tired Old Ass Soak! 🙂

Where are things sitting these days? My latest and greatest 1/2 marathon time was Georgetown to Idaho Springs – 2:43:55 … I just don’t have a photo!

First 1/2! Boulder Backroads 1/2 Marathon September 2006

Surf City 1/2 Marathon - February 2008





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