One would never thought I’d be bumming on this one!

7 10 2008

Well – today has been … special. I have kind of had my head wrapped around swinging out of the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon and into the Denver Full Marathon. In trying to get my schedule together, it appears that somehow I’m *not* registered for the Denver Full and I used a credit card that I’ve long since closed and I can’t get proof I actually did register. I registered the *day* I found out I didn’t get in to the Nike Woman’s Marathon in San Francisco. The registration is up to $105 and I’m not hip to that at all.

At the same time, I still have the entrance into the San Antonio 1/2 and trying to get lodging and transportation is a mess because all that fell through just as I was about to make plane reservations. Anyone got any friends or a couch I can surf on if you’re doing the event? I’ll pull a rabbit out of my hat for that.

I guess I was really looking forward to the challenge of doing a sub 6 marathon ‘at home’. I’ve not gotten down there before but with the 6 hour cut off, I would have to on this event.

Instead – I’ll be home eating bon-bons unless I can get this sorted through.

I’m serious on the miracle for San Antonio, however.

San Jose report to come …

Love – Lizzy




2 responses

8 10 2008

Sorry I don’t have friends in San Antonio, but if you ever want to do the Salt Lake Marathon, let me know 🙂

8 10 2008

Rock on Tammy! You never know!

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