Pity Pot has Velcro and Spiky Teeth – DM “resolution”

10 10 2008

Ok – I’ve got the best readers, e-friends and real friends any nutcase chick could ever find!

I know I’ll get the San Jose post out soon. The photos just came through and I love a couple of them, so patience … a virtue I don’t have in great abundance … and I’ll have a fun post up.

Now – Another post will be the year in review. I wrote a friend of mine that although there have been some great things this year, my training has been spotty due to my life and past just throwing up some interesting roadblocks. The cool thing is that they were more diversion of the flow of things rather than full roadblocks. Hum … that will be interesting.

In the case of the Denver Marathon: I wrote the marathon, the company handling the on-line registration and a handful of other places. They can’t find me. I registered right before my other computer fell flat on her head and I cannot access that hard drive at this point. I also went through all my credit cards (including those I’ve closed) and checked but the on-line version of my statement doesn’t go back far enough and the event is a week from Sunday – so waiting for hard copies is folly. A friend of mine suggested I contact my local TNT and see if they have any Alumni entrances … yeah, I’ll have to pay the fee to TNT but it shouldn’t be the full $105. If it is … then I’ll just go find a straight shot 14 out and back and try to carry enough water unless my schedule gets changed.

The thing that really got me about this was how pissed off I’ve been! Even after a really great event, I have a problem with the Post Race Blues. I’m attributing it to my being an adrenaline junkie and when it’s gone … wel … there’s something kind of missing from my bloodstream. Maybe that’s why flying back the day after a long event is nice so I can just read or stare off into mid-space. This time, however, I had prepped my head for the last week to bounce out of the sea-level 1/2 marathon into the altitude, probably snowing, full two weeks later. It’s kind of a double whammy.

I realized I was just getting more and more crabby. I am sure many have decided I should be on meds for whatever ‘mental disorder’ is in vogue these days, but I was a test Guinea pig for some and felt further dead than I do when I’m in post race. The last time I tried anything, I found myself walking in to traffic just to feel somewhat alive. Give me a series of races … ok?

So – crabby … A buddy of mine sent me an e-mail saying “come back and stop being Eyeore!” (Winnie the Pooh reference)

I’m bound and determined to see the bright in this: The house is a complete disaster of paper and stuff –> so I’m going through everything. I’ll probably kill a shredder early this year, but I really don’t care. It’s feeling like snow out here, so I’ve got to find my more cold weather stuff or I’m in the treadmill … which might not be terrible because I’ll shove it on hills and push myself in ‘relative’ safety.

I am wading through and hoping I’ll find some way to get in the race without it costing a fortune, but I am not going to let it get to me. Just getting off my tush and putting my mind into other things got me realizing how the “pity pot” does have Velcro. You have to tear yourself off of it when feeling depressed or blue. The teeth … ok – maybe it’s just mine … but I feel chewed up!

I still would love to figure out going down and racing in San Antonio – but if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. DM was an omen of sorts. Maybe because I’ve been spotty all year with stuff, it’s better so I don’t go out and hurt myself. Maybe it’s a little reminder that I’ve got to keep my confirmations posted where I can find them. Maybe it’s a situation where this year as I’ve been going through a lot of things in my own head and sorting stuff out … I’ve dropped a few balls and my Guardian Angel is saying “Um … we need to take care of Lizzy … and get her out there happily racing and cheering on her buds … first things first … FIND THE BLASTED FLOOR!!” Watch out when your Guardian Angel calls their friends and they’re stomping feet!

More later – will keep ya’ll posted!





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