RMRR 9 mile Westminster — 1:53:34 (Watch) — 2nd after handicap

31 10 2008

The really confusing thing about the Rocky Mountain Road Runner trophy series races is the handicap system. I don’t really have it down. I just depend on Ed or one of my speedy sneaker friends to explain what it is that I’m doing. I far prefer to just say “Dave, what’s my target?” and go for that. It’ll sort itself out later.

This race I got to not feeling terrific. I might have been catching a cold or something. The positive thing is that I finally will be able to get down to some decent hours and not have all the various loose ends floating around in my head as we have our new admin at work! Yippy Skip! It will mean less money, however …

It was like old home week when I met up with Rosalie and she helped me tote down the travellers of Starbucks. It was nice to see folks and I was ribbed a bit about not writing up what will end up being three race reports and one Lizzy Goes To Racewalking Autumn Camp report by the week of Thanksgiving. It did feel good to have been missed.

What I had no clue on was the surface the course was on. It turns out it started and ended going across a rickety old bridge then cement then dirt path then cement then dirt path … repeat. With my highly inconsistent training this year, I’ve stayed mainly on cement or track. My injuries and just plain health have warranted it. I think that I’ve lost something not rolling around on the gravel.

Ed, John and I started with three others at 0:00:00. “This is the CUTE Wave!” shouted your reporter and everyone laughed. Ed and I took off together. He’s been suffering a hamstring issue for quite some time. I was under “orders” to keep myself in the mid 12’s because of the Trail of Two Cities 1/2 Marathon next weekend. It was really nice to talk with Ed. We’ve gotten to know one another since two clinics ago and he’s a wealth of information. He’s willing to get together with me and watch me at a track as a judge, since he is one. I think that should help a lot.

Going  in to the water stop at mile 2 my shoe was unlaced! I couldn’t believe it. I double knott the thing and trying to untie it … well knots everywhere. Brad teased me that I’d untied my shoe on purpose! I had to really turn my feet over to catch up to Ed, but I did.

One of the things we talked about was that I’ve probably to the foot turn over for long distance, but I should be prepared to start doing more shorter faster things. He’s been remiss in going to the track himself. I just was hoping that Catherine (work) really works out because I want to get work out of the processing space I usually leave for training!

As I was motoring up the hill toward the turn around, I yelled to Ed to catch up. That was the last I saw of him. He told me later that he was having problems and so be it.

I started having problems at around mile 5 or just thereafter. My psoas on the right, my right hamstring … just my right leg! My back felt tight, shoulders, waist. There was something really quite wrong. I kept motoring, but I was piling water more than usual … Motor, motor, motor!

Being passed by your friends twice is just a liability of being in this running club and being as slow as I am right now. The Eagle did make me laugh however because he started well after me – by probably an hour – not even arriving before I started. He passed me the second time at the last mile marker. It was kind of cool because he said he’d be there at the end and he knew I was struggling.

Going across that damn bridge with it’s weathered and splintering railroad tie crossbars … I thought it was ass-over-tea-kettle time for Lizzy! I gave it a push to get in, but it wasn’t my usual. I was out of gas and hurting. Level 7 or 8 and I’ve not been there for a long time! Coming in to the flags, people were cheering – first time for me to come in as the first racewalker across the line. The Eagle was at the flags and Q was over in the best of the stretching places. I nearly fell on Eagle and said “Square water.” He knew EXACTLY what I was going to need.

Now, if I’d truly fallen over on him, I would have flattened that Eagle like a bug …

Fortunately, Q has stretched out my legs before. He’s all of 110 pounds or something like that and there is no fear of him pushing too much into me. He also has a bit of a medical background, so I can scream bloody murder and he’ll kill anyone who tries to interfere. That’s pretty much what happened. Jelly Bean (a triathalete named Eric) was amazed at how flexible I was when Q had my bad leg going and probalby had his eyes fall out when we did my left which felt just fine.

1 Lyle, John 75 -28:20 2:13:22 1:45:02 14:49 152.00 150 100.00    
2 Shepard, Lis 44 -7:57 1:53:34 1:45:37 12:37 131.00 129 73.33    
3 Guiff, Ed 64 -7:03 1:56:47 1:49:44 12:59 129.00 128 46.67    

There are the times and handicaps. I wonder what the blog is going to do with it! Ed was about 3 minutes behind me and John 20 minutes. I went back with one of the guys from the Air racing team to cheer John in. He looked pretty good and was the last out on the course.

When all was said and done, the three of us knew we were going to place. There was the potential that Mike Blanchard was going to show up just well after we’d started. Jan Hill wasn’t there because of an injury – and I’m concerned about my friend. When they called the awards, I barely heard my name. My ears were starting to get stuffy. Third Ed, Second Lizzy, First John. Cool. When they took the photo, John said “Push the ribbon out as far as your arm can reach to the camera. That’s what you do when you’re fishing to make the fish look bigger!

Let's make our ribbons look bigger ... Ed --> John --> Lizzy

Let's make the ribbons look bigger! Ed (3) -> John (1) -> Me (2)

The drive home found me feeling a little confused and by about 6 p.m. I realized I’d run myself down so far that I was catching that terrible flu that has been going around. Chills, headache, body ache and a nose like a faucet. I knew I’d have to pull something out of my hat to be ready for the race on Sunday as I fly out on Saturday! I do love this photo though …

Next Race: Trail of Two Cities 1/2 Marathon: Goal Sub 2:40 … and healthy




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