Leaving in the morning – still sick and lost a lot of weight

7 11 2008

This flu SUCKS! There is no sugar coating it! I get going and then lose hours just feeling miserable. However, I have decided it’s the catch and release system. I caught the damn thing and now I’m releasing it to go find some other person other than my friends or myself!

I’ve been working on campus with Catherine, our new admin. It’s been fantastic. Knowing that she’s taking on all the things I’ve only understood partly is great. I’m sincerely hoping, however, I still have a job. I do know I’ll be taking a very deep pay cut as soon as it happens and that’s kind of frustrating.

I’m leaving CO on Southwest early. Bailey and the house are being taken care of by one of my closest pals and I’m checking a bag because it’s loaded with homeopathic flue remedy. Nature’s Way has this Umcka cold and flu that I’m currently recommending with gold stars. I have been taking several hot baths with Epsom salt (you can injure yourself with Epsom salts on the bottom of a tub … trust me here) and Tired Old Ass soak. I’ve cleared out my stock of Kleenex and haven’t been much interested in eating because of the sore throat. I’ve been scarfing at least a can of soup a day and making it a point to keep hydrated.

I’ll be getting up at 5 A.M. to pack and get to the airport by like 10 a.m. I already have my boarding pass – just still feeling really crummy.

Training has been a disaster going in to this and this isn’t a race I know the course of. I’ll be fine. I would love to do the sub-2:40 this year on this course, but if I don’t I’m there to have fun.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and among the biggest lessons has to be my stopping having fun with my racing and making it a competitive thing … too much of a competitive thing where I found myself berating my performance and trying to kill myself the next time out!

Anyway – I’ve got things to do. Take care!





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