If you’ve not seen these things yet – “new” timing device

17 11 2008

In two years, I’ve learned how to tie on the Champion timing chip so that it doesn’t fall off and kind of glared at the person who said “just put your foot up here” after the Walt Disney World Marathon where everyone had grown a few extra heads! Disposable chips make sense especially in large events where having a bunch of kids at the end with scissors cutting off chips might not be the best idea.

The +50,000 strong Bolder Boulder was the first time I’d had any experience with “disposable” chips. Fairly large, hard, square chipnew-shoe-tagss which are zip tied on. Make kind of a fun souvenir. The next “generation” appears to be what I discovered when racing in California. Of course, those of you who are far more experienced than me have probably already seen these things … however …

The first time I saw these pups was at the San Jose Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in October. It appears these new “disposable” chips are being used all over California. The strange thing was how they were attached. I got my bib with this two part tag stuck right across the middle of it. One side are the directions and the other is the “chip”. It’s to be looped through a couple of the laces. No problem really.

Interestingly enough, however, as I looked around at the SJRNR starting corrals, there were a lot of folks who didn’t bother to even attach it to their shoe. No chip, no time. My concern, however, was if it was really going to get the splits in. It appears my “fears” were founded as my splits were not logged. I know I went over the kind of lumpy trigger points that I’m sure many fast runners simply hopped over. Needless to say, I wasn’t really impressed.

I thought maybe it was just that one event – you know, trying out the new “toy” using Elite’s Rock and Roll events for trial grounds. Um … I showed up at the Two Cities Half and Full Marathon in Fresno to have the same little orange strip attached to my bib. There was a fair amount of confusion with folks at this event also. Maybe it’s the only event they do, but still.

On my dainty size 11 shoeSo – this being said … here’s what the little lovely looks like on my “dainty” size 11 shoe. There is one sticky part that is looped back and stuck to make the loop. There was exposed circuitry on my Two Cities tag. They don’t flop around.
I guess it’s fun to learn something new every event … just didn’t thing it’d be with new timing chips!
Next “review” Two Cities Half and Full Marathon – I did the 1/2. Filed under Racing While Sick!



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