“Year” In Review … Leaving for Camp tomorrow … :-)

17 11 2008

This has been, truth be told, a HELL OF  YEAR!

January: Got violently ill at Disney, completed the marathon in record time for me, but the toll was a lot of weight and not being able to eat properly until the middle of February! Plus side: made some great new friends and learned it was OK to let friends be concerned about me!

February: Surf City 1/2 Marathon where I proved to myself I could do pretty darned well in rather in-climate (read flooding) weather. Finally met Brandon and Rachael (my fellow foul weather ducks!) and caught a rather nasty cold. Started to really think about how much I enjoyed this sport. Did my first stair-climb which netted me my first near asthma attack in years. Wondered if my lungs were still fairly weak.

March: Finally started with the racewalkers in a local event (thank you Jan for grabbing my arm). Knew I was outmatched, however tripped twice due to dog leashes. Beginning of left knee issues – residue from 20 year old car accident.

April: Knee going south, me trying to train. Work going insane. My world being turned inside out and ripped with depression. Weight still going bananas.

May: 20 year anniversary of car accident where I was told I’d never walk (or be athletic) again. Well – you know me … give me a challenge … now I’m an athletic walker! (cheesy grin). Trying to train around knee injury not getting better and my own head playing games.

Summer: Trying to race while dealing with complete insanity in other realms. Memory starting to flow back from head injury a few years ago meaning that all those things I’d never really dealt with flooded back with associated depression. Harry Potter readers will understand this … Surrounded by Dementors! Friends with cancer, friends dying of cancer … feeling more useless than ever! My own blood tests and passing out while training … REALLY positive, however, was that I handled he Garden of the Gods 10 miler – all hills both ways – and started to feel somewhat comfortable on hills.

August: Realizing what was going on and knowing it was potentially going to get more insane. Racing a bit better but taking the time to do something for me even if I didn’t feel like I was worth it. Decided (with the oh so subtle long-distance pitchfork in the butt from DMcG) to start saving for racewalking camp in 2009 … and it was moved up to 2008 when Dave said he was having an Autumn Camp.

September: Work getting further stupid. Realizing a lot about how my ADD and how people around me affect me. Slogging through training while feeling depressed. Really learned through the year how truly mental the game of racewalking is … and so I might have spotty training, but came up with putting a sticker on my watch to keep me laughing. Ok – the idea came after my buddy She-ra said at Garden of the Gods “Remember, Lizzy, have fun!!”

October: Turned 44, got a huge PR 1/2 Marathon, and hung out with friends. Did a bit of decent research on my ADD and decided I was going to have it work for me instead of being ruled by the nonsense and chaos which is a part of this. Realized I have been about 3 weeks late all year when Mom wrote to say “You’re picking me up at the airport, right?” “Yeah … when again?” “Um … tomorrow!!!” Ooopse! The Gorilla Run was fun mainly because Mom came out specially for it. While in my room in San Jose, I made the decision to have a few things that are simply just for me and 2009 I’m going to race however much I can for World Class Racewalking. I realized how much of my positive energy work had been ripping away and by channeling that back into my walking and calming down my life … I am going to fly!

November: Caught this blasted cold which has been hard to shake. It’s reminded me that I’ve truly got to take care of myself. I’ve also got an amazing group of RL (real life) and VL (virtual life) friends who really do care. Driving back through central California, eating apples fresh from roadside stands, I started to feel like the reason for this year being as up and down as it has been was to get my attention.


I’m leaving tomorrow for Autumn Camp. I’m looking forward to it — forever the geek. A week where I’m away from everything here and just absorbing as much as I can so I can put it to use when I get home. I’m trying to get in to an on-line sports nutrition class completely for me.

The upshot is this … After this mess of a year, I think I’m coming out with the makings of a pretty strong patronus (Harry Potter reference … will explain if necessary) to combat the dementors. I’ve got a lot of work to clear away the messes that I’ve gotten myself in to over the years, but I’m making goals … and I’m going to get there!

I promise to write up the review of Two Cities 1/2 Marathon and Panicking Poultry AND Autumn Camp when I get back … fortunately, I’ve got the week of Thanksgiving off, hu?




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