People are amazing!

28 12 2008

Ok – Let’s face it – I’m in the process of doing the end of the year life clean out while trying to fundraise the last $1,000 for Team in Training and people are really stepping up! I always feel strange about asking, and it’s been amazing!

I do promise to get the blog caught up. Funny enough, I hand-wrote out most of the entries on the planes coming back. I’ve just got to figure out where I’ve put them!

Hold tight … I’ll get caught up!

Thanks again for your patience, great energy, best wishes and donations when you can!

Hugs – Miss Lizzy




2 responses

1 01 2009

Thank you for asking :), on behalf of my dad and others with blood cancers.

Have a GREAT race!!!!!

2 01 2009

Tammy – You rock!!!! I was really surprised about the turn out and heartened! This is the starter to my year … starting with a heck of a bang! I’m going to go have fun representing folks like your Dad and my cousin!

See ya on the far side of a dual event weekend!

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