Getting Ready for Disney –

5 01 2009

I’m getting psyched for Disney, however I’m not out of control nuts for it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t anticipate injury/illness laden 2008 to end with such a bang … meaning the 5’9″ 165 pound me slamming into the ice taking out my back and re-injuring an ankle less than a month before this event!

I’m NOT going to let it get me down – but I AM going to use it as a reminder that I’m to start out having fun … assuming fun is a half marathon followed by a full one!

There’s a hitch with my travel arrangements and I’m hoping that my Disney travel stuff is resting comfortably in my downtown post office box, because I sincerely want a  smooth trip.

I’ve got more food ready to take with me than ever before. The past two years, I’ve really only had to think about the full marathon, but this year I’ve got the half the day before. I don’t really have an on/off switch … when I’m wearing a race number I’m “on” and when I cross the finish line I’m “off”. Simple and binary as that.

I did learn a lot from my year of pain 2008.

Other than the travel issue, my only concern right now is that I’ve not truly been able to put in the miles at speed that I want for my legs. Nothing I can do about that now. It’s mental now … and I’m probaby quite mental to do this event, but that’s neither here nor there. My wide swinging weight is on the low side – 163 as of this morning. This is a cause for concern because I found that when I start getting too low, I stop eating properly and have gotten sick.

Ah … such the life of me, eh?




2 responses

5 01 2009

Have a great weekend! I can’t wait to read the race reports!

5 01 2009

Hey Maryann – Nothin’ like a little friendly fan-pressure to get me to actually keep up on my race reports this year!!! Hugs – Dizzy

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